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Kaseya Breach: Key Takeaways for Managed Service Providers

As a result of the recent Kaseya ransomware attack, and the mistakes leading up to their breach, all MSPs and MSSPs are likely to combat far-reaching consequences and implications. Now, your clients are beginning to scrutinize their relationships with their service providers.

You may be asking, what did Kaseya do wrong? How can you, as an MSP, ensure you’re effectively minimizing the risk of future cyberattacks? And how can you effectively demonstrate your cybersecurity efforts to your clients?

Watch the video on demand to hear our cybersecurity experts discuss what led to the Kaseya breach and offer recommendations for how your organization can effectively manage (and communicate) your cybersecurity strategies going forward.

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Discussion Points

Kaseya Breach Overview

What caused this incident? What mistakes did Kaseya make?

How to Prevent Future Attacks

How can MSPs minimize the risk of future cyber attacks?

How to Rebuild Customer Confidence

How can MSPs (re)build confidence in their cybersecurity efforts for their customers?

Real-World Examples

Real-world examples will be used to illustrate the recommendations.


Andrew Edstrom headshot

Andrew Edstrom


Chief Executive Officer and vCISO, Assessivate

Andrew Edstrom, a United States Air Force veteran, has been in the information technology and security/compliance field since 1989. He has worked as a support technician, an engineer and system administrator to various leadership roles including a CIO and a CISO. He understands customer needs and technical excellence requirements for the success of his customers. While having held various industry/vendor certifications during his career, it is his exposure to telecom, application development, security, compliance and infrastructure that makes him uniquely qualified to help any business achieve its objectives. His passion is helping everyone achieve success.

Brandon McCrillis headshot

Brandon McCrillis


Cybersecurity Consultant

Brandon McCrillis is a Cyber Security professional for specializing in Network Security to include Network Defense Posturing, Penetration Testing, Network Design and Scaling, Security Auditing and Offensive Cyber Operations. He formerly served as CEO & Principal Consultant at Rendition Infosec, building the consultancy into a two-time Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company in America (2019 & 2020).

Prior to joining Rendition Infosec, Brandon was Team Lead while standing up US Cyber Command’s Cyber Mission Forces, drafting technical guidance for Computer Network Exploitation tools, leading cyber operations, and coordinating reporting of foreign computer exploitation capabilities directed against the United States.

A veteran of the US Navy, he is also a former Network Exploitation operator with the DoD and Senior Technical Lead for Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) operations to fulfill critical National Level requirements in support of strategic foreign intelligence goals and cyber objectives. He was one of five certified at Journeyman Operator level; Navy-wide. Through training, mentoring and supervision he led a team of over 150 of multi-disciplined cyber operators, to conduct more than 10,000 operations globally.

Brandon’s proven application and in-depth knowledge of tools and policies relating to global Computer Network Exploitation operations coupled with an abstract operational thinking style allow him to neutralize threats by mimicking one. He also has extensive experience with malware capability research, security software research, and enterprise security product integration. Brandon assists organizations, of all sizes and verticals, to better understand business risks and build industry-leading Information Security programs.

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