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Our Compliance Platform, in Your Service

From software tailored to your services, to sales enablement, lead generation and customized training, Apptega powers security providers with big ambition.

Our promise

Let’s 10X your impact, together

Our partner program is purpose-built for security providers looking to maximize recurring revenue with continuous compliance that creates customers for life.

Our promise? To set you up for success from day one with technical and go-to-market support that helps you acquire, grow and retain clients that drive your business forward.

Apptega's partner program

What's in it for you?

Recurring Revenue with Big Margins

The average Apptega partner earns back their initial investment within three months, and typically sees a 3x return in year one by converting one-off assessments into ARR.

Happy Customers that Stick

Develop world-class compliance programs that delight your customers, attract prospects, and set you apart from competitors—and the go-to-market motion to match.

Maximum Capacity for Your Team

Manage all your programs from a central portal. Leverage integrations and AI to accelerate evidence collection, tasking and recommendations. And burn your spreadsheets, because now you can.

Dedicated Technical & Sales Support

Create an end-to-end compliance solution built atop your services. Then let us feed you leads, train your teams and bring your expertise to market so you can win faster.

Apptega Partner Badge

Who can become an Apptega partner?

In short? Any provider hungry to build a world-class continuous compliance offering. But typically our most successful partners possess a:

  • Robust cybersecurity practice, such as MSSPs
  • Well-defined go-to-market strategy
  • Technical and sales leaders to own the partnership
  • Framework-based cybersecurity solutions
  • Desire to maximize efficiency and grow faster
  • Spreadsheet-based process they're ready to ditch

Join hundreds of successful partners

Apptega is an excellent, to-the-point, cost-effective GRC platform for MSPs and MSSPs. Quickly spin up new clients, complete assessments against a myriad of frameworks, add risk, crosswalk between platforms, get excellent support, and affordable licensing.

J.J. Powel
vCISO, Cyber Defense Group

Until Apptega, I couldn’t find a cost-effective GRC tool that measured and assessed risk and controls well. Not only does Apptega have a better price point than anyone else, it’s a powerful platform that helps me with my reporting, gives my clients instant feedback, and holds them accountable.

Timothy Fawcett
Director of Cyber Security Consulting

Having a presentable, useful platform that both my employees and clients can use to achieve consistent, tangible results increased our efficiency and availability while also strengthening our client relationships.

Amanda Adams
Founder and CEO, GSEC

[Apptega has] been a great value to us. I can’t emphasize that enough. Every time we get a customer, I’m figuring out, ‘How do we get Apptega in that account one way or another?'

Andrew Edstrom
CEO and President, Assessivate

Apptega's primary value is that it lets us organize our advisory process around the needs of our customers, and give us a better way to convey the impact of the process.

Victor Marchetto
Advisory Services Manager, Evolve

ROI Stats that Speak Volumes

Reduction in manual tasks
Increase in advisory capacity for security providers
Partner ROI on avg. in 3 years
Reduction in time to compliance
Months on avg. to recoup initial investment

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