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Build World-Class Cybersecurity & Compliance Programs—Fast, Affordably and with Confidence

No spreadsheets or Word docs. No certifications or complex deployments. Just intuitive end-to-end GRC at your fingertips.

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Cybersecurity Obligations Change Suddenly. Can You Keep Up?

The patchwork of cybersecurity laws and regulations is vast, tangled and constantly evolving -- and the risk landscape grows more severe by the day. Apptega empowers in-house teams and security providers of all sizes to:

  • Automatically and continuously track cybersecurity compliance to 30+ industry-standard frameworks like CMMC, PCI, ISO27001 and more.
  • Quickly identify security gaps, giving you the roadmap to remediation.
  • Get ahead of cybersecurity threats before they arise with out-of-the box risk, vendor risk and audit management 

Join thousands of CISOs, CIOs, and IT professionals who are dramatically reducing the cost and burden of managing cybersecurity and compliance audits. Learn how you can save time and money, have great cybersecurity, and grow your business with Apptega.

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Trusted by Companies of All Sizes

Join Our Cybersecurity Rock Stars

Jackson Wilson headshot
Jackson Wilson
CIO, Storage Post

"Cybersecurity is an ongoing program, not a one-time project. With dozens of Storage Post retail locations requiring continuous PCI compliance, Apptega organizes our entire program in one place, giving us incredible efficiencies. It's the salesforce.com for cybersecurity."

Matt Malone
Matt Malone
Director of Cybersecurity, Vistrada

"Apptega brings simplicity to the complex problem of security compliance. At Vistrada we have Apptega at the heart of our security offerings. It makes assessments easier, more efficient, and inclusive by bringing visibility to the C-suite while giving accountability to the organization to perform the tasks needed to meet compliance."

Horacio Maysonet headshot
Horacio Maysonet
President & CEO, Cyber Security Solutions Inc.

"Apptega’s seamless API and minimalistic dashboard, make integrating and navigating cybersecurity frameworks a breeze"

Chris Farrow headshot
Chris Farrow
Director of Global Cyber Security, IJM

"I find Apptega amazingly easy to use. What I like best is the pre-built framework content covering topics like NIST CSF, CIS, GDPR and CCPA. The reports are extremely valuable for reporting to executive and board stakeholders."

Desiree Davis Headshot
Desiree Davis
Operations Manager, Leap Credit

"I would absolutely recommend Apptega for anyone looking to elevate their compliance program from a static source to something that can be used to actively track and manage your compliance."

Jeff Stutzman headshot
Jeff Stutzman, CISSP
Founder & Virtual CISO, Trusted Internet

“When I think about managing risk, I like to use ISO 27001 as my checklist to ensure that I’m standardized in my approach. Why? When you baseline in ISO, many other frameworks also baseline in ISO. That makes crosswalks become a paperwork drill! Apptega makes it SOOOO much easier!”

Paul Horn headshot
Paul Horn
Founder & CEO, H2Cyber

"Executives need visibility into their organization’s cybersecurity efforts—making it critical for the success of their cyber program. With Apptega, we can provide our customers with a single pane of glass that leadership, compliance, IT, and IS teams can access. This helps us oversee the progress of their programs and provide gap assessments. Additionally, if an organization is managing multiple frameworks, we use Apptega’s Harmony feature, which will automatically crosswalk multiple frameworks.

Because the platform is so easy-to-use, even employees without a technical background can understand cybersecurity."

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ISO 27001 Compliance & Certification Simplified [VIDEO] - Apptega

As cybersecurity programs mature, companies are considering ISO 27001 certification. See how they are simplifying ISO certification with Apptega.

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MSSP Cybersecurity Management Video

Watch Apptega's MSSP Cybersecurity Management Platform video demo to learn how MSSPs build great cybersecurity programs for their clients with our cybersecurity platforms.

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CMMC 2.0 Assessments [VIDEO] - Apptega

Watch Apptega's CMMC 2.0 Assessments video demo to learn how to easily streamline and conduct your initial CMMC assessments.

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CMMC 2.0 - What's Next Webinar Image

CMMC 2.0 - What's Next?

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR!  With the DoD's release of CMMC 2.0, companies are wondering what has changed and if they should slow down certification efforts.

  • Has the timeline changed?
  • Do the NFO controls apply to CMMC?
  • How does CMMC 2.0 really affect your business?
  • Has your company wasted money becoming compliant with the 20 controls that were removed?

Watch on demand as our CMMC expert addresses these questions and offers real-world examples and experiences to help you on your CMMC journey.

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