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Carl Carpenter
Consultant, CISO/vCISO
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Managing the Cyber Risks You Didn’t Know You Have

June 18, 2024 1:00 PM

What happens if your CEO gets hit by a bus? An earthquake shakes your business? Or a global pandemic strikes? Managing your cybersecurity risk is about so much more than ransomware and phishing attempts. This webinar, presented by Apptega in collaboration with Arrakis Consulting, will provide a deep dive into the world of cyber risk and the scenarios you didn’t even think to cover. Join Carl Carpenter, Arrakis CEO, for a discussion on how to go beyond traditional definitions of risk to rethink how you protect your organization.

He’ll share tips and best practices for:

  • Evaluating and calculating risk.
  • Determining risk frequency and impact.
  • Developing accountability and responsibility.
  • Mitigating business costs.
  • Ensuring business continuity and recovery.

Carl Carpenter
Consultant, CISO/vCISO

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