SOC 2 Compliance: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Quick assessment

With streamlined questionnaires, integrations to your sources of truth, and framework crosswalking, SOC 2 assessments take hours, not days.

Streamlined mitigation

Uncover your most pressing weaknesses fast, and address them before your audit.

Automated reports

Create audit-ready compliance reports with the click of a button.

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The platform trusted by 12,000+ compliance programs

See exactly where you’re at

Breeze through a simplified questionnaire-style SOC 2 assessment and collect evidence with ease as you go. Get instant insight into your main gaps and get remediation suggestions.


Prep for your SOC 2 audit — in seconds

Done with your SOC 2 assessment? You’re 95% there. Just link existing relevant evidence to your audit and easily collect anything that’s missing.


Get the right people involved

Easily share relevant updates with auditors and assign tasks to internal team members for a seamless SOC 2 compliance process.


Create a single source of truth

Deliver real-time visibility and control of your SOC 2 compliance assessments with intuitive reports and dashboards.


The Ultimate Guide to Navigating SOC 2

Get comprehensive tips and strategies for a smooth journey to SOC 2 compliance.

The Ultimate Guide to Navigating SOC 2
Compliance Guide

Learn best practices for maintaining SOC 1 and 2 Compliance.

Apptega is an excellent, to-the-point, cost-effective GRC platform for MSPs and MSSPs. Quickly spin up new clients, complete assessments against a myriad of frameworks, add risk, crosswalk between platforms, get excellent support, and affordable licensing.

J.J. Powel
vCISO, Cyber Defense Group

Connect directly to your sources of truth

Integrate with all your data systems and project management tools to streamline workflows and continuously monitor security status.

Apptega supports among the largest networks of integrations and an open API.

Apptega Integrations

Your all-in-one SOC 2 compliance automation software

Discover key features that will make your path to SOC 2 compliance effortless and straightforward.

Automated Assessments

Quickly evaluate compliance and audit-readiness with streamlined assessments that allow you to identify gaps and produce status reports.

Audit Manager

Fast-track audits by importing your auditor’s request and transferring relevant evidence from your assessment into your audit to quickly collect anything that’s missing.

Risk Management

Simplify every single step of the risk management process — from identification to remediation — and act fast on your most pressing issues.

Vendor Risk Manager

Centralize the evaluation of cybersecurity and compliance practices of all your — or your customers’ — vendors.

Harmonized Frameworks

Managing more than one framework? Avoid duplicative work by consolidating all controls and sub-controls into a unified set mapped to all relevant frameworks.


Connect your entire security ecosystem and save time with a fully automated cybersecurity and compliance program.

ROI Stats that Speak Volumes

Reduction in manual tasks
Increase in advisory capacity for security providers
Partner ROI on avg. in 3 years
Reduction in time to compliance
Months on avg. to recoup initial investment

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