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Encryption and Cryptography Policy Template

Download the Encryption & Cryptography Policy Template to provide guidance on the use of encryption technologies to protect data, information resources, and other Confidential Information or PII while stored at rest or in transit between systems.

Use this guide to:

  • Create your own policy
  • Limit the use of cryptographic modules
  • Provide sufficient strength to protect the assets of your organization
  • Mitigate operational risk

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Encryption & Cryptography Policy Template Overview

This policy applies to all your organization’s employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, contractors, and other personnel or entities subject to the policy and requirements of the organization.

This policy document includes:

  • Overview
  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Data Classification
  • Data Collections
  • Reclassification
  • Calculating Classification
  • Related Standards, Policies, and Processes
  • Definitions and Terms
Encryption and Cryptography

How to Use the Encryption & Cryptography Policy Template

Use this policy template to limit the use of cryptographic modules, algorithms, primitives, keys, applications, and any associated artifacts only to those that have proven to be resilient against known attacks and that is of sufficient strength to protect assets of the organization. This policy specifically requires components that have received a public review, that have withstood public and open examination, and that have been betted by the organization’s personnel to be reliable and robust.

This template is 9 pages long and contains an auto-fill feature for fast completion.

Encryption and Cryptography Policies
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