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Your Asset Management Policy Template

Download the System and Information Integrity Policy Template to provide support for proper handling and verification of information to ensure that the integrity of data is kept.

Use this policy template to:

  • Create your own policy
  • Protect data or system programs
  • Mitigate operational risk

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Asset Management Policy Template Overview


This policy applies to all company officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, contractors, consultants, advisors, or service providers that initialize, change, or monitor any system configuration settings. It is the responsibility of all the above to familiarize themselves with this policy and ensure adequate compliance with it.

This policy document includes:

  • Overview
  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Policy
  • Audit Controls and Management
  • Enforcement
  • Distribution
  • Related Standards, Policies, and Processes
  • Definitions and Terms

How to Use the Asset Management Policy Template


Asset management is the process of receiving, tagging, documenting, and eventually disposing of equipment. It is critically important to maintain up-to-date inventory and asset controls to ensure computer equipment locations and dispositions are well known. Lost or stolen equipment often contains sensitive data. Proper asset management procedures and protocols provide documentation that aids in recovery, replacement, criminal, and insurance activities.

This template is 5 pages long and contains an auto-fill feature for fast completion.

Asset Management Policies
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