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Remote Desktop: You're Opening the Floodgates for Hackers

Remote Desktop Protocol allows users to connect to remote systems over the network. Read why this software puts your organization at risk for hackers.

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2021 CMMC Preparation Study Published | Apptega

In December 2020, Apptega and SecureStrux conducted the inaugural CMMC Certification Preparation Study. Read on to learn key insights.

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Preparing for CMMC: Top Lessons Learned by Provisional Assessors | Apptega

Trying to determine CMMC readiness? Join CMMC Provisional Assessors as they will share keys to success they’ve seen while working with DoD Primes and Subs.

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Microsoft GCC or GCC High for CMMC and DFARS Compliance? | Apptega

Are you evaluating a move to Microsoft GCC or GCC High as you prepare for CMMC? Join our webinar for expert comparisons, considerations, and recommendations.

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DoD: Get Started With a CMMC Self-Assessment Now | Apptega

The U.S. DoD recommends prime contractors and subs in the Defense Industrial Base prepare for CMMC requirements in contracts now. Learn how you can prepare.

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6 Ways to Overcome Obstacles & Gain Executive Buy-in for Cybersecurity | Apptega

Gaining C-Suite's support for cybersecurity can be hard. Read this blog to learn how you can gain buy-in for your organization's cybersecurity program.

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See Apptega In Action

CMMC Assessments [VIDEO] - Apptega

Watch Apptega's CMMC Assessments video demo to learn how to easily streamline and conduct your initial CMMC assessments.

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Crosswalk Multiple Compliance Frameworks with Ease [VIDEO] - Apptega

See how organizations are crosswalking frameworks and boosting compliance efficiency by 60%+ with the Apptega crosswalking solution, Harmony.

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MSSP Cybersecurity Management [VIDEO] - Apptega

Watch Apptega's MSSP Cybersecurity Management Platform video demo to learn how MSSPs build great cybersecurity programs for their clients with our cybersecurity platforms.

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Need A Compliance Guide?

Download the CMMC Compliance Guide | Apptega

CMMC creates compliance standards all organizations must meet to bid on or renew DoD contracts. Download the CMMC compliance guide to learn more.

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Download the SOC 2 Compliance Guide | Apptega

SOC 2 helps organizations assess the performance of organizational controls and their operating effectiveness. Download the SOC 2 guide to learn more.

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Download the ISO 27001 Compliance Guide | Apptega

ISO 27001 is a general-purpose security framework for creating, implementing, and maintaining a strong Information Security Management System. Download the guide today to learn more.

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Get A Jumpstart With Our Templates

Business Continuity Plan Template | Apptega

Apptega's Business Continuity Plan template can help you prepare for potential business interefences. Download our template today to learn how you can be ready!

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Cybersecurity Incident Response Tabletop Exercise Scenarios | Apptega

Cybersecurity Incident Reponse Tabletop Exercises are a great way to see how prepared your organization is when faced with certain crises. Download Apptega's incident reponse template to start practicing!

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template | Apptega

A Disaster Recovery Plan can help you prepare your organization for any business disruptions to company operations. Download Apptega's free template to help you get started on your plan!

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Featured Webinars On-Demand

WEBINAR: Preparing for CMMC: Top Lessons Learned by Provisional Assessors

Listen to CMMC Provisional Assessors share their observed keys to success and most common mistakes from working with DoD Primes and Subs.

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WEBINAR: Cybersecurity Virtual Tabletops: Ensure Success in the New Normal

With new work-from-home cybersecurity measures in place, a next logical step is to test the effectiveness of cyber incident response plans. Learn more.

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WEBINAR: The Convergence of Privacy and Security

Industry experts discuss security & privacy & provide best practices from a governance standpoint, design-implement-manage-report processes, & practical advice for moving forward most effectively.

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