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Introducing the Complete Cybersecurity Compliance Platform for MSPs

Build a lucrative compliance practice. Automatically map your products to frameworks. Even apply for cyber insurance, quickly and with confidence.

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Managing Cybersecurity & Compliance Has Never Been Easier

Apptega Edge provides an intuitive, low-cost platform for managing your clients’ cybersecurity and compliance programs. Edge, which is purpose-built for MSPs, immediately uplevels your expertise and technical sophistication in areas that have traditionally been closed off. So if you've struggled to gain a foothold in the lucrative and quickly growing cybersecurity space, now you can offer end-to-end services that meet the needs of a broad range of clients, from initial assessment of gaps through to remediation and even procuring of cyber insurance.

With the Power of Apptega Edge, You Can...

  • Perform cybersecurity compliance assessments for your clients and your own firm with a library of 25+ frameworks
  • Map frameworks, including CMMC, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC 2 and many more, to your security tools for better monetization  
  • Productize your compliance offering by selling them through the Edge marketplace
  • Build robust cybersecurity & compliance programs for your clients 
  • Automatically apply for cyber insurance through carriers pre-selected based on compliance scores
  • Deliver high-margin, highly lucrative cybersecurity & compliance services that set you apart from the competition 

Monetize Your Security Products

Struggling to productize your service offerings? Feeling overwhelmed by the number of options for cybersecurity and compliance tools? Apptega Edge allows you to easily map your security offerings to more than 25 industry-recognized compliance frameworks so you can: 

  • Align products to your clients' needs, and sell them with ease
  • Package products into lucrative service offerings, so you can grow your business
  • Eliminate the confusion and complexity associated with purchasing security software

Find Cyber Insurance that Fits

Applying for cyber insurance is a notoriously challenging process that often results in overly-priced quotes and denied coverage. Apptega Edge automatically suggests carriers based on the score of your compliance programs, so you can find the most affordable, robust option for your firm or your client. With Edge, you can:  
  • Align insurance options to your and your clients's cybersecurity compliance posture

  • Leverage the product marketplace to unlock better coverage by adding offerings that fill security gaps

  • Eliminate the tedious manual work associated with filling out insurance applications
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The GRC Platform for Building & Scaling Your Cybersecurity Compliance Practice

Apptega Edge empowers you to deliver end-to-end cybersecurity and compliance services to your clients with minimal business disruption and at an affordable cost by automating typically manual tasks. You can also use Edge to build your own internal programs, secure cyber insurance, and purchase cybersecurity products with ease. 

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There Are 40,000 MSPs. How Do You Get an Edge?

Competition among MSPs, many of which have traditionally been boxed out of the cybersecurity market, is increasingly fierce. With Apptega, you can build world-class cybersecurity and compliance programs for clients that enable you to break into a booming $40 billion industry, bill more for your services, and retain clients for longer.

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Join Our Cybersecurity Rock Stars

jayferro headshot-1
Jay Ferro
CEO, Quickrite

I see products in the market that promise ‘30-day audits’ but in reality that’s not feasible or very sustainable. Great security and compliance is not a one-time event to check a box. Apptega is a long-term platform and partner that supports my entire business and our strategic goals.

Jackson Wilson headshot
Jackson Wilson
CIO, Storage Post

Cybersecurity is an ongoing program, not a one-time project. With dozens of Storage Post retail locations requiring continuous PCI compliance, Apptega organizes our entire program in one place, giving us incredible efficiencies. It's the salesforce.com for cybersecurity.

Chris Farrow headshot
Chris Farrow
Director of Global Cyber Security, IJM

I find Apptega amazingly easy to use. What I like best is the pre-built framework content covering topics like NIST CSF, CIS, GDPR and CCPA. The reports are extremely valuable for reporting to executive and board stakeholders.

Desiree Davis Headshot
Desiree Davis
Operations Manager, Leap Credit

“I would absolutely recommend Apptega for anyone looking to elevate their compliance program from a static source to something that can be used to actively track and manage your compliance.”

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