The Slippery Slope of Cyber Insurance: What Every MS(S)P Needs to Know

November 15, 2022

Reduce Your Risk, Protect Yourself and Your Clients, and Build New Revenue   

As an MSP/MSSP, getting questions about cyber insurance from your clients can be overwhelming. You must deal with external factors – coverages are changing, some carriers are dropping coverages, and suddenly MS(S)Ps are stuck in the middle, handling client relationships as the proxy between insurance and the client. But by knowing what to expect from underwriters, you can give your clients the information they need to be prepared.   

What is Cyber Insurance? Cyber insurance has always been a shield for MS(S)Ps. But cyber insurance can also be your sword – use it to ensure that your clients buy/implement the right security solutions. For example, MFA and EDR – if your clients have pushed back before, the game has changed, and these security controls are required! As an MS(S)P, you don’t need to be an expert in cyber insurance, but you need to know what your clients are required to have in order to be eligible for coverage and to be able to submit a claim.    

“How can we reduce our risk?” “What can we say as an MS(S)P regarding insurance?” “How can we update our customer agreements to cover ourselves?” And maybe equally important for building your business, the question to answer is, “How will our business drive new revenue with the cyber insurance conversation? We will break it down in the upcoming Apptega Webinar featuring FifthWall Solutions and techGC – The Slippery Slope of Cyber Insurance: What Every MS(S)P Needs to Know 

 However, the future is bright. At least for MS(S)Ps that have made the commitment to tackle this challenge and meet new opportunity head-on. Apptega will demonstrate how to reduce the cost of cybersecurity. We will dive into the top security controls that cyber insurers require to obtain a policy. Use this information to future-proof your security stack, so you aren’t scrambling for a new managed solution.   

Hear from our three industry experts who will demystify these challenges.


Reid Wellock, President, FifthWall Solutions   

Reid Wellock has dedicated the past 6 years of his career to developing specific expertise in Cyber Liability Insurance and Risk Management. He has led his company, FifthWall Solutions, to become one of the most preeminent insurance wholesalers in the country who are solely dedicated to cyber liability. FifthWall currently works with thousands of agents and 400+ Elite MSPs across the country and has most recently built its own cyber insurance program.

Reid is a guest speaker at national conferences, including IT Nation Secure and IT Nation Connect by ConnectWise, hosts and participates in monthly client-facing cyber webinars, and teaches continuing education courses for agents on cyber.

Eric Tilds, Managing Member, techGC   

Eric Tilds is the founder of techGC, a full-service law firm. Eric’s client base consists of IT Services Providers, MSPs, MSSPs, and software companies. He also serves as “IT Counsel” to a broad array of both public and private companies.  

Gavin Harris, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Apptega    

A high-energy proven sales and operations leader. 20 years of successful Enterprise Software experience, including 12 years helping multiple software startups scale from pre-revenue to successful acquisition.  

Need help breaking down the complexities of cybersecurity by simplifying some of your existing practices? Schedule a custom tour. Learn more on how Apptega can simplify day-to-day cybersecurity and compliance management for your clients.