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Apptega Named GRC Momentum Leader in G2 Spring Reports

By Natalie Anderson on April 3, 2023

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Apptega Named GRC Momentum Leader in G2 Spring Reports

April 3, 2023 | BY Natalie Anderson

It’s a tradition unlike any other. Last week, Apptega swept up 21 badges in G2’s Spring Reports, improving upon its best-in-class total of 18 from the winter awards. Among several leadership and high-performer designations, Apptega notched “momentum” awards for the GRC Platforms, Security Risk Analysis, and IT Risk Management categories. That label singles out companies and products that’ve achieved rapid market expansion and swift brand growth.  

Apptega also ranked among the highest overall for customer satisfaction across IT risk management providers.  
G2, which captures verified user reviews, has long been considered the Yelp for software, and is increasingly becoming among the most essential resources to technology buyers. The site recently surpassed 2 million reviews and by some estimates is referenced in more than 90% of purchasing decisions.   

“Our mission is to make cybersecurity simple for every organization, from Fortune 1000 businesses and government entities to the hundreds of managed IT providers using Apptega to build world-class compliance programs for their clients,” said Apptega CEO Armistead Whitney.  
“Apptega’s showing in the latest G2 reports helps validate that mission and the efforts of our global customer base in pursuing it.” 

Apptega also received accolades from users for:  

  • Best Estimated ROI  
  • Easiest Setup 
  • Fastest Implementation 
  • Most Implementable  

Among the representative testimonials received in recent months: “Apptega is a highly efficient and easy-to-use solution for managing governance, risk, and compliance efforts,” said the advisory services manager of a leading managed security service provider. “It allows us to seamlessly transition from assessment to security program management and beyond. I wish I had known about this platform sooner.” 
Check out the full report here and Apptega’s recent user reviews here. 


To learn more about how you can empower your clients to meet their cybersecurity obligations in an affordable way, while also growing your business, check out Apptega, the only GRC automation platform purpose-built for MSSPs.

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