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Cybersecurity and Compliance Made Easy for MSSPs

Simplify the management and delivery of your clients’ cybersecurity and compliance programs with Apptega for MSSPs.

SOC 2 + ISO 27001 Design

Grow Revenue. Reduce Cost and Effort.
Delight Your Clients.

Quickly and efficiently build, manage and report on your clients’ cybersecurity programs. Increase cybersecurity revenue with unprecedented visibility and control. Promote your brand as you delight your clients.

With the Power of Apptega, You Can...

Engage New Clients with Assessments

Quickly complete questionnaire-based assessments using Autoscoring to pinpoint the gaps and expand engagements to include remediation and reporting

Create New Revenue Streams

Address the latest compliance requirements. Develop solutions for new markets. Accelerate new client acquisitions.

Expand Existing Business

Expand cybersecurity services with existing clients by using Apptega to identify program gaps and offering solutions to fill them.

Improve Efficiencies for Your Clients

Use the Apptega application-specific Connectors and Open API to deliver on your clients’ integration needs.

Ensure Effective Cybersecurity

Go beyond compliance. Assess and remediate risks and vulnerabilities. Confidently ensure protection of your clients.

Promote Your Brand on One Central Portal

White-label Apptega’s cybersecurity and compliance management platform with your brand and manage all clients from a single multi-tenant portal.

Simplified Cybersecurity and
Compliance for MSSPs


Complete assessments for your customers faster and easier than spreadsheets and use the questionnaire-based process to foster collaboration with your clients. Pinpoint all compliance gaps and manage remediation of those gaps using the recommended tasks feature.


Start by selecting from a growing list of cybersecurity and compliance frameworks such as NIST, HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2 or ISO. Add your own proprietary controls specific to the unique services you provide or the individual needs of each client. Instantly design your client programs from start to finish, with just a few clicks.


Significantly reduce manual administrative work and overhead to drive efficiencies and margin. Easily monitor your clients’ programs with real-time compliance scoring, project lifecycle, task management, calendaring, collaboration, budgeting, document management, and reporting – all within a single, easy-to-use platform.


Generate a variety of reports for audits, Board of Director and executive meetings, customer requests, and more for individual clients. Deliver unprecedented, real-time visibility and control of the cybersecurity data. Monitor all of your clients’ progress in a single, intuitive view designed specifically for Managed Security Service Providers.


Deliver on all of your clients’ integration needs using Apptega’s application-specific connectors and Open API. Connect existing software solutions, such as web application scanning (WAS) systems, firewalls, and end-point protection systems, into Apptega. Deliver tasks and other data to surrounding systems such as project management systems and IT service management (ITSM) systems.


Address gaps in clients’ cybersecurity and compliance programs by positioning additional solutions in your portfolio, including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Detection Software (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Software (IPS), and more, to address areas of concern. Create value by driving security score improvements and risk mitigation.

Consolidate and Simplify

Manage all of your clients from one platform using the multi-tenant portal capabilities of Apptega. Your consultants need only one login to access your client systems, based on access permissions. Additionally, all client systems can be white-labeled with your branding, with a single, simple update.

Join Our MSSP Rock Stars

Ronnie Munn
Ronnie Munn
Chief Information Security Officer, MCPc

“Apptega is the ideal platform for simplifying the management of our clients’ cybersecurity programs. The days of providing limited executive visibility through spreadsheets are over as a result of our partnership with Apptega. We are delivering a truly differentiated client experience by utilizing the Apptega platform.”

Your Branded Platform Powered by Apptega

Ezentria ComplyWise Portal

Add your branding to transform Apptega into your cyber-services platform, much like the Ezentria ComplyWise portal.

The ComplyWise portal powered by Apptega allows Ezentria and their clients to organize, update, and share their compliance activities effortlessly with other teammates and auditors. The ComplyWise Portal becomes the system-of-record for tasks, policies, procedures, and controls used throughout the compliance and certification process.

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