Apptega Is the First Compliance Platform Available to Thousands of MSPs Through Pax8

February 19, 2024

With so many cybersecurity and compliance products on the market, it’s difficult to know which ones are right for your clients. It’s even harder to package those products into service offerings to grow your business.

Or at least it was.

Apptega recently launched in the Pax8 Marketplace, the leading cloud commerce marketplace for managed service providers to buy, sell, and manage technology solutions. Through its integration with Pax8, the Apptega Edge platform makes it easy for MSPs to build compliance offerings that meet client needs and open new revenue streams. And now more than 40,000 MSPs have access to it.

How the Pax8 Partnership Helps MSPs

Apptega Edge integrates directly with the Pax8 Marketplace to simplify the job of MSPs. Here are three ways you can leverage the integration to transform your cybersecurity practice and deliver more client value:


1. Align security products to client needs.

Apptega Edge can help surface the right products for your suite of offerings. It’s like having your own personal shopper, but for cybersecurity solutions instead of shoes or cargo pants (they’re back, baby!). By automatically mapping Pax8 Marketplace technologies to specific frameworks and compliance gaps, MSPs can reduce risks and fast-track their buying processes. Edge also shows you how adding a product will impact client compliance scores, so you’ll feel confident in your purchases. No buyer’s remorse here (can’t say the same for the cargo pants).

2. Expand your compliance-as-a-service capabilities.

Few service providers offer compliance services. Because of the additional cost and specialized knowledge needed, there are often too many barriers to the growing industry. But Edge is helping break through those barriers like the Kool-Aid Man (Oh yeah!). It provides an out-of-the-box solution for MSPs, making it easy to deliver top-notch cybersecurity and compliance programs, including built-in expertise and guidance to help you on your way. With a leg up on the competition, you’ll be well positioned to meet increasing client demand for comprehensive security solutions.  

3. Improve client retention and revenue.

Consulting work is often project-based. But when it comes to maintaining a client’s cybersecurity posture, continuous compliance is needed to ensure they’re meeting requirements and making necessary changes over time. With access to the full range of Pax8 Marketplace solutions, you can productize existing offerings to improve upsell opportunities and recurring revenue. Offer products a la carte or bundle them as a compliance program to turn one-off projects into long-lasting client relationships.


Through this partnership with Pax8, Apptega is empowering MSPs to go to market quickly with fully formed, continuous compliance solutions that help set them apart, meet client needs, and grow revenue.  


Visit the Apptega Edge page to learn more about the Pax8 Marketplace integration and how it can help you build a lucrative compliance practice.