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Apptega Edge – The MSP Ally in Cybersecurity

By Natalie Anderson on July 6, 2023

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Apptega Edge – The MSP Ally in Cybersecurity

July 6, 2023 | BY Natalie Anderson

“The gold rush of managed services is quickly coming to an end. Over the next 10 years, we're going to see a consolidation and culling of managed service providers across the board.” That’s a direct quote from Tim Conkle, the CEO of The 20 MSP consortium, that demonstrates the need for MSPs to offer cybersecurity compliance services in order to stay competitive. After all, there are 40,000 MSPs operating in the United States alone. 

But that’s easier said than done.  

To stay ahead in this industry, MSPs need innovative tools and solutions that simplify cybersecurity and compliance while delivering superior services to their clients.  

This is why we created Apptega Edge – a first-of-its-kind platform designed to empower MSPs to step into the cybersecurity compliance field by immediately uplevelling their expertise and technical sophistication in areas that have traditionally been closed off. Edge offers advanced features and benefits that minimize the barriers to entry by providing comprehensive framework mapping, automation capabilities, and a streamlined insurance application process. 

With Edge, MSPs can meet the growing demand for robust security measures and compliance standards, positioning themselves as trusted partners and gaining access to a comprehensive and affordable platform for cybersecurity compliance services to help boost their revenue and foster stronger client relationships.  
Edge’s product features support MSPs by allowing them to maximize productivity in a competitive and technical industry and provide the highest level of cybersecurity compliance services to their clients. Edge does this by offering: 

  1. Automated Task Management: Apptega Edge automates repetitive, low-value tasks that consume consultants' time and resources. It streamlines processes like tracking and updating framework control spreadsheets, freeing up valuable time to focus on delivering higher-value cybersecurity and compliance services to clients. By automating these tasks, MSPs can increase their capacity to service more clients and expand their business. 
  2. Centralized Management Hub: Edge provides MSPs with a centralized multi-tenant hub for efficient management of clients' cybersecurity and compliance processes. This user-friendly platform enables MSPs to communicate, gather evidence, and track progress in one place. It provides the ability to navigate complex frameworks, ensuring compliance and enhancing overall efficiency for improved client satisfaction and streamlined operations. 
  3. Integrated Marketplace: Apptega Edge offers an integrated marketplace that simplifies the identification, purchase, and implementation of solutions for clients. By mapping products within the marketplace to specific compliance gaps, Edge streamlines the solution-buying process for MSPs. This feature reduces complexity, mitigates the risks that come with using unvetted tools, and enables MSPs to offer tailored solutions that precisely meet their clients' needs. With Edge, MSPs can easily find and implement the right products, saving time and effort. 
  4. Effortless Cyber Insurance Application: By automating this process, Edge streamlines the application process by identifying insurance carriers with the best rates based on your client's cybersecurity posture, thus supporting MSPs in offering clients peace of mind with a comprehensive cybersecurity program.  

As the information security space keeps growing and, as Conkle predicts, MSPs continue to consolidate, Apptega Edge is here to empower MSPs to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity compliance with ease by allowing them to automate low-value tasks while delivering higher-value services to their clients.  

To learn more about the product, visit this link. 

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