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Cyber Insurance: The Carrot and the Stick Every MSP Needs to Know

Thursday, June 29 at 2 PM ET

Presented by: FifthWall Solutions

Cyber insurance has become one of the hottest topics in the channel today. But most people are confused about what to do about it. Should MSPs get involved? There is a huge revenue opportunity waiting in the wings if seized correctly. 

Join FifthWall's Wes Spencer, Board Advisor, and Reid Wellock, President, to learn more about:  

  • How cyber insurance is driving cybersecurity compliance 
  • How MSPs use cyber insurance to enforce new minimum security standards and drive better value and partnerships with their clients
  • How to uncover the minimum standards that cyber insurance requires
  • The future of cyber insurance that every MSP must prepare for on behalf of their organization and clients
  • How MSPs can leverage modern technology to quickly and confidently apply for insurance for themselves and their clients 

Wes Spencer, Board Advisor | FifthWall Solutions 

Reid Wellock, President | FifthWall Solutions 



Wes Spencer

Wes Spencer Fifthwall

Board Advisor

FifthWall Solutions

Reid Wellock

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FifthWall Solutions


Cyber Insurance: The Carrot and the Stick Every MSP Needs to Know