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Need to upgrade your CSF program? Or looking to complete an ISO 27001 audit

Watch this 5-minute video to see:

  • How to identify and address gaps in your CSF program
  • How you can eliminate redundancy with automatic crosswalking
  • How to monitor and report on combined or individual frameworks, and
  • The best way to streamline your audit process

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NIST-CSF Dashboard

NIST CSF in Apptega

Implementing, managing and maturing a cybersecurity framework has never been easier than with Apptega’s cybersecurity framework management solution. With Apptega, you can:

  • Easily implement the NIST CSF controls that are applicable to your organization today
  • Identify where you have gaps and weaknesses
  • Crosswalk CSF against your other existing (or new!) controls, such as ISO 27001
  • Mature your practices and decrease your cybersecurity risks as your organization changes with continuous insight

Learn how you can use Apptega to simplify and streamline control identification and management, enabling you to modify your frameworks as you need and adjust controls to meet the demands of today’s evolving threat landscape.

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