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Candid conversations about cybersecurity and compliance

Presented by Apptega, The De-Risking Business Podcast tackles important topics, trends, and challenges in the worlds of security and compliance with the help of experts from leading MSSPs.

At the Intersection of Cybersecurity and...Costco?

You know how Costco treats their customers well, has a base membership fee, and sells their products with minimal markup? And how customers will drive basically any distance to shop there? Now imagine all that’s still true but there’s zero markup...and they’re selling cybersecurity products to help safeguard your business. That’s exactly the model that Kelly Hammons, CEO and VP of customer success at Secutor, launched – and it’s been incredibly successful.

A Culture of Security

As an MSP, it can be frustrating when you work hard to establish a compliance program for a client, only to discover that it's not being properly adopted. In this episode, Garrett Brown, president and co-founder of Ihloom, explains how he guides organizations in building a robust compliance program from the ground up. We also discuss Brown's method for cultivating a culture of security, enabling organizations to establish a sustainable cybersecurity program that gains support across all levels.

How AI Is Transforming Cybersecurity... and Cybercrime

Remember those phishing emails you used to get from Nigerian princes? Well now they're written in perfect grammar by generative AI, look real, and hit inboxes by the millions. Oh, and that video of your boss asking you to run down to Walgreens and buy hundreds of dollars of gift cards for clients? It looks like the CEO. It sounds like the CEO. But it's purely a figment of the internet's imagination.

In Perfect Harmony

Mapping a cybersecurity compliance program to a specific framework is challenging enough. What if you have to account for multiple frameworks? Multiple regulators? A constantly changing universe of requirements? 😱 In this episode, Paul Horn, founder and CEO of H2Cyber, shares guidance on how to build and manage a "harmonized" multi-framework program that achieves economies of scale and minimizes business disruption.

The Security vs. Productivity Dilemma

"There's a fine line between being a secure organization and being a productive organization," says James Ogier, Resolution IT's resident senior information security consultant and this week's guest on the pod. "A secure organization can just disconnect... but you're not going to get any work done." And therein lies the rub. So how do you rightsize your security approach so that it's proportional both to your compliance obligations and, ultimately, to the goals of the business? We dig in.

Learning to Sell Value - Not Features

"Where I feel most comfortable is nerding out on technology," our guest Tiffany Ricks explains. "And I lost a lot of deals before I learned that, often, software buyers don't care about technology—they care about how technology *helps*."

The Path to Cybersecurity Compliance for SMBs

Just dipping your toe into the cybersecurity compliance pool? Well the water's warm. Come on in... In this episode of Apptega Cybersecurity Podcast, Chris Brackett, owner and CEO of security-focused MSP Greater Nashua Technology Consulting, joins us to address how small and emerging businesses can get started on their journey, some of the challenges they should expect to face, and how forward-thinking MSPs can successfully guide them down the path to compliance.

Those Who *Can* Consult

A LinkedIn people search for "cyber security consultant" yields 36,000 hits. How do you find a good one? In this episode of Apptega Cybersecurity Podcast, presented by Apptega, Michael Faas, Director of Strategy and Risk at MorganFranklin Consulting, and James Jackson, Sr. Manager of Cybersecurity Strategy and GRC, share how their in-house experiences informed their approach to consulting, give tips for identifying successful partners, and share the roadmap for a long-term relationship.

Your CMMC Life Coach

Think CMMC is just an expensive box to check? Hmmm. Think again. "It's not a project. It's a lifestyle." So says David Endicott, a risk assessor and CMMC guru at Cyber74. With the framework quickly approaching (or slowly approaching -- it's unclear), David walks you step-by-step through the hurdles you'll need to clear to get and, importantly, stay certified under the DoD's forthcoming regulations.

What We Talk About When We Talk About vCISOs

A recent ISC workforce study estimated a global workforce shortage of more than 3.4 million cybersecurity personnel. And to say that organizations have struggled to fill that talent gap is an understatement. Enter the vCISO: part strategic advisor, part boots on the ground, part exec-level security champion. In this episode, we chat with Heather Lantz, SVP of Cybersecurity Services at Ascend Technologies, about what to look for in a vCISO, how an organization can get the most out of that relationship, and what MSSPs should prioritize when hiring and staffing the role.