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Apptega Launches HIPAA Module for Healthcare Cybersecurity

Over 500,000 healthcare businesses in the U.S. will benefit by building, implementing and reporting HIPAA-compliant cybersecurity with Apptega

ATLANTA – May 2, 2017 Apptega, the global cybersecurity automation software company today announced the HIPAA framework is now included in the Apptega platform.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) all entities covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) must implement strong data security safeguards in their environments, and in particular, comply with the HIPAA Security Rule to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all of the electronic protected health information (ePHI) they create, receive, maintain or transmit. According to a report in USA Today, the healthcare industry has accounted for over 40 percent of data breaches over the last three years, and 91 percent of all health organizations have reported a breach over the last two years.

Apptega automation of the HIPAA framework includes the main Security Rule elements:

ADMINISTRATIVE SAFEGUARDS – Security Management Process – Assigned Security Responsibility – Workforce Security – Information Access Management – Security Awareness and Training – Security Incident Procedures – Contingency Plan – Evaluation – Business Associate Contracts and Other Arrangements

PHYSICAL SAFEGUARDS – Facility Access Controls – Workstation Use – Workstation Security – Device and Media Controls

TECHNICAL SAFEGUARDS – Access Control – Audit Controls – Integrity – Person or Entity Authentication – Transmission Security

ORGANIZATIONAL REQUIREMENTS – Business Associate Contracts & Other Arrangements – Requirements for Group Health Plans Security Standards: General Rules


Apptega enables healthcare organizations of all sizes to manage the implementation and compliance to the HIPAA Security Rule with real-time compliance scoring, project lifecycle, task management, calendaring, collaboration, budgeting and vendor management down to the sub-control level.  The platform also delivers one-click reporting for HIPAA audits, eliminating the hundreds of hours of time typically spent on fulfilling compliance reviews, attestations, board reviews and customer requests.

About Apptega

Apptega is committed to making cybersecurity easier and more accessible for everyone.  By using technology to unify, track and report cybersecurity processes, we help organizations of all sizes stay protected and compliant.  Apptega was founded in early 2017 by American entrepreneur Armistead Whitney and is headquartered in Atlanta.  For more information, visit apptega.com.

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