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Intelligent Framework Crosswalking Made Easy

Organizations often begin with one framework and add additional frameworks as their cybersecurity program mature. Harmony enables these organizations to manage multiple frameworks as one mapped program.

ISO 27001 & GDPR Harmonized

Harmony, Apptega's Automated
Crosswalking Technology

Managing several frameworks simultaneously can be duplicative and inefficient. Harmony, Apptega's intelligent framework crosswalking capability, provides an easy and efficient way for organizations to comprehensively manage security and compliance by consolidating thousands of subcontrols from Apptega's entire library of frameworks into a unified set of common controls and subcontrols - creating efficiencies in time, effort, and resources.

Boost Efficiency by 60%

Crosswalking Consolidation Data Chart

Comprehensively manage cybersecurity and compliance by consolidating thousands of subcontrols from Apptega's entire library of frameworks into a unified set of common controls and subcontrols. The result can be a reduction in cost, time, and effort of 60% or more.

“Apptega’s Harmony feature allows us to select multiple frameworks as a single program. This means we do not have to duplicate efforts; when a shared control is implemented it is reflected across all frameworks. Additionally, the task packs take the most common tasks for a framework and allow us to kickstart the work!”

-Josh Weekly, Director, Information Security

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Crosswalk Frameworks with a Few Clicks

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Map Frameworks in Unlimited Combinations

Easily create a mapped program from Apptega’s growing library of cybersecurity and privacy frameworks including: CMMC, NIST 800-171, ISO27001, NIST CSF, SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA and more.

Accelerate Compliance with New Frameworks

As new frameworks are added to a mapped program Harmony provides visibility into the subcontrols that transferred into the new framework. The path to full compliance is instantly reduced, often by 50% or more.

Monitor and Report on Your Program

Using both Mapped and Individual Frameworks, use one-click reporting for consolidated analysis of mapped programs, as well as individual frameworks within a mapped program, and standalone frameworks. This flexibility provides unique support for a wide variety of recurring and ad hoc reporting needs.

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Streamline Maintenance with Data Replication

When frameworks are mapped together, the subcontrols are ‘coupled’ and a change to one is automatically replicated to all paired subcontrols in both the mapped program and any standalone frameworks. This includes scoring, tasks, assignments, notes, dates, and vendors.

Utilize Dominant Subcontrols

When data exists in the same subcontrols in more than one framework being mapped, the system will determine a ‘dominant subcontrol’ (the subcontrol with the higher score). During the mapping process, Apptega will select all data associated with the dominant subcontrol and replicate it across the mapped program.

Uncouple a Mapped Program

When the need arises to remove a framework from a mapped program, Apptega will automatically uncouple the subcontrols. When a framework is removed, updates in the framework will no longer replicate to the other frameworks that were a part of the mapped program.

Maintain Data Through All Program Adjustments

When a mapped program is uncoupled, the data will persist in each individual framework that was included in the initial mapping. For example, if you map ISO 27001 and CCPA together and then decide to uncouple the program, all data will continue to exist in each standalone framework.

Join Our Cybersecurity Rock Stars

Jay Ferro Headshot
Jay Ferro
CEO, Quickrite

"I see products in the market that promise ‘30-day audits’ but in reality that’s not feasible or very sustainable. Great security and compliance is not a one-time event to check a box. Apptega is a long-term platform and partner that supports my entire business and our strategic goals."

Jackson Wilson Headshot
Jackson Wilson
CIO, Storage Post

"Cybersecurity is an ongoing program, not a one-time project. With dozens of Storage Post retail locations requiring continuous PCI compliance, Apptega organizes our entire program in one place, giving us incredible efficiencies. It's the salesforce.com for cybersecurity."

Chris Farrow Headshot
Chris Farrow
Director of Global Cyber Security, IJM

“I find Apptega amazingly easy to use. What I like best is the pre-built framework content covering topics like NIST CSF, CIS, GDPR and CCPA. The reports are extremely valuable for reporting to executive and board stakeholders.”

Desiree Davis Headshot
Desiree Davis
Operations Manager, Leap Credit

"I would absolutely recommend Apptega for anyone looking to elevate their compliance program from a static source to something that can be used to actively track and manage your compliance."