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The Product Pulse

By Natalie Anderson on June 1, 2023

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The Product Pulse

June 1, 2023 | BY Natalie Anderson

Monthly Release Notes for May

Looking to learn about Apptega’s latest and greatest product updates? Well, you’re in the right place. Here’s what's new. 


This month, we launched ApptegaGPT – your virtual AI CISO designed to instantly tailor organization-specific remediation recommendations to unmet controls, delineating specific steps that must be taken to become compliant. The launch follows months of development during which our product team used the OpenAI Chat API to create a powerful bot that delivers guidance around thousands of security controls and subcontrols connected to a library of more than 30 industry-standard compliance frameworks and minimizes time spent by up to 20%.  

To learn more about ApptegaGPT or to arrange a free trial, check out apptega.com/ai. 

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New and Improved Audit Reports 
Audits are already a paperwork jungle, and we understand the pain of spending too much time on them. But fear not, we've come to the rescue with some improvements to optimize the audit reporting process. 

The previous importing method for Audit Request lists left a little to be desired as it did not provide framework-specific import templates, which made for a less convenient importing process. The Audit Reports also didn’t include time-tracking fields, meaning a lot of crucial information wasn’t clearly defined. 

So we’ve added framework-specific import templates, as well as “hours” and “due date” tracking fields.  

Addressing the Creepy Crawlers 

A few sneaky bugs in Risk Manager led to users not being able to correctly display the full list of risks in the dropdown, limited visibility and interaction with the risks, and certain fields not saving, leading to incomplete information.  

Users can now add risks to assessments and vendor questionnaires without any display issues, improving visibility and interaction to help them easily navigate and interact with the list of risks. Users can also expect all fields with saved values to be displayed accurately when viewing the risks again.  

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