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The Product Pulse

By Natalie Anderson on April 5, 2023

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The Product Pulse

April 5, 2023 | BY Natalie Anderson

Looking to learn about Apptega’s latest and greatest product updates? Well, you’re in the right place! Product and platform improvements this month focused on two main areas:  

  • Backend Enhancements: the plumbing that makes Apptega run better and faster 
  • Bug Fixing: Squashing system flaws and errors  

The Updates:  

1. When you create a new assessment from Apptega’s assessment templates, we now give you the option to check “Auto-Tasking” as an assessment setting. When turned on, the following occurs – hold on to your butts... 
As you go through the assessment, if you select a response reflecting that the control has not been fully met (e.g. “no,” “partially”), Apptega will automatically pull actionable remediation tasks from our task pack for guidance on what must be accomplished to satisfy the control. These suggested tasks will appear under the “tasks” portion of the corresponding subcontrol. It’s like taking the security SATs, only if it was an open-book test and you were fed all the answers by Brian Krebs. 

2. In the Vendor Risk Manager, we've optimized the questionnaires to ensure that unique answer options are given for Radio, Checkbox, and Dropdown answer types. This will help users send out questionnaires with accurate answer choices to their vendors, ensuring comprehensive responses and eliminating duplicated information. 

3. We’ve launched a new Asana integration so that customers of that project management platform can use it to track tasks that must be accomplished in Apptega. In addition, users can now sync documents related to tasks from Apptega to Asana, ensuring that relevant information is available on both platforms and cybersecurity is always on your mind (and your computer, and your phone, and your watch, and...). 

4. An automation error limited the ability of third parties to view follow-up questions in the questionnaire editor. To solve this problem, we updated the workflow so vendors can view and answer any follow-up questions.  


To learn more about how you can empower your clients to meet their cybersecurity obligations in an affordable way, while also growing your business, check out Apptega, the only GRC automation platform purpose-built for MSSPs.

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