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Look Ma, G2 Awarded Us with a Giant Stack of Badges

By Robert Hilson on June 28, 2023

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Look Ma, G2 Awarded Us with a Giant Stack of Badges

June 28, 2023 | BY Robert Hilson

We don’t like to toot our own horn here at Apptega. But when our customers do it for us – when we can tout their horns – that’s another thing. So we’re pleased to announce that, in what has become somewhat of a quarterly tradition, G2 has awarded the Apptega platform with 23 leadership badges across six cybersecurity and compliance categories including GRC, IT risk management, and audit risk management. That’s up from 21 last quarter, which was up from 18 in the winter.

This is called a trend. 

In addition to getting to hang these on our parents’ refrigerators (if only they weren’t made of pixels…), we also relish the chance to tip our figurative (white)hat to the many thousands of users – from CISOs at Fortune 1000 companies to consultants at fast-growing managed service providers – using Apptega to build world-class cybersecurity compliance platforms fast, affordably and with ease. That, after all, is the mission: to make cybersecurity easy for all. And while “all” isn’t quite on the near-term horizon, the hundreds of organizations on the Apptega platform globally have now collectively spun up more than 12,000 compliance programs to meet requirements related to several dozen frameworks. And that’s, well…

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t call out the fact that badges are, in the words of a very side-eying group of keynote panelists at Pax8’s inaugural Beyond conference, pure “marketing bull****.” G2 badges are the new participation trophies. Everyone gets one – if not, um, 23.

What’s not marketing bull**** is the enormous value cybersecurity professionals create for their businesses with Apptega. Consider the MSSP in Atlanta that tripled the productivity of its fleet of vCISOs by eliminating manual mapping and tracking of framework subcontrols. Or the many managed technology providers that are transforming their break-fix services into flourishing compliance practices with Edge, the first platform purpose-built for MSPs that includes assessments and marketplaces for cybersecurity products and insurance.

In the words of this guy, a CIO and two-time Apptega customer, “it’s the best cybersecurity management software on the market.” 

Okay, enough high-stepping. On to the boring stuff.

G2 included Apptega in 63 reports across six categories, designating “Momentum” leadership, which highlights rapid market expansion and brand growth, in the GRC and IT Risk Management categories. Apptega also earned awards for highest relationship rating, best support, easiest to do business with, easiest to administer and fastest to implement.

We also topped the mid-market implementation index and finished second overall in the momentum grid for IT risk management platforms and in overall score among GRC platforms. 

You can check out the full report here and recent testimonials here.

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