GBQ Joins Apptega’s Growing Network of Firms Dedicated to Building World-Class Compliance Programs

September 28, 2023

Today Apptega announces a partnership with GBQ Partners LLC (GBQ), a top 100 tax, accounting and consulting firm headquartered in Columbus, OH. This partnership will enable GBQ to leverage Apptega’s end-to-end platform to deliver cybersecurity compliance assessments and program management through its rapidly expanding Information Technology (IT) Services practice.  

With the seamless integration of Apptega's comprehensive platform, GBQ now delivers a holistic solution that empowers its advisory teams to conduct real-time assessments of clients' adherence to stringent regulatory and privacy frameworks. Moreover, this partnership provides clients with essential tools and expert guidance, ensuring their ongoing compliance as risks and requirements evolve.

Where most professional and managed service providers rely on manual, spreadsheet-based approaches to measure, track and report on cybersecurity compliance for their clients, forward-thinking firms like GBQ are turning to innovative technologies like Apptega to automate much of the traditionally time-consuming and highly complex work that building and managing compliance programs entail.   

Doug Davidson, GBQ's Director of Information Technology Services, emphasized the significance of strengthening clients' security and privacy without compromising operational efficiency. “We take pride in our ability to empower the growth of our clients’ businesses through our partnership with Apptega, offering the essential platform to strengthen clients’ cybersecurity postures while minimizing business disruptions,” he said.  

A partnership with Apptega enables security-focused IT providers and in-house security teams to build and manage robust compliance programs aligned to a large and growing library of industry-standard frameworks. To date, Apptega customers run more than 12,000 cybersecurity compliance programs globally.    

“We couldn’t be more excited to join with GBQ to help their clients quickly and affordably meet the compliance demands of legal and regulatory regimes that grow more sophisticated and onerous by the day,” said Armistead Whitney, Apptega CEO. “We’re proud to partner with an organization committed to empowering people and businesses in part by ensuring their most valuable assets are protected.” 

Read the official press release here.