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Risky Business: Creating a People-First Cybersecurity Business

By Natalie Anderson on April 6, 2023

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Risky Business: Creating a People-First Cybersecurity Business

April 6, 2023 | BY Natalie Anderson

The world of professional security services is often portrayed as one lone cyber-warrior, wearing a hoodie, in a basement, head down, frantically typing away to beat the hacker to the jump. But really, information security is a team sport.  

Creating a strong cyber risk management program requires boots on the ground. A fractional team that supplements software, implements controls, performs pen testing, and ensures compliance with frameworks is the best way to implement and maintain a comprehensive security system. Today, businesses are being more proactive and looking for a personalized service that best fits their needs.  

And while this is good news for MSSPs and MSPs, it also requires them to keep a pulse on the ever-changing market, know what their clients are struggling with, and provide a comprehensive approach. 

There’s not a magic bullet. It takes a whole team.  

Security providers are, in the end, people-based businesses. The people make the difference and bring clarity, not the tech.  

This week on the Risky Business podcast, we interviewed Zach Fuller, one of the founders of Silent Sector, to learn all about how to bring this human element into the world of cybersecurity. We also cover how to build a security business from the ground up, what the future holds for MSPs, and what customers should be looking for in their service providers.  

Listen to the full podcast here.  


To learn more about how you can empower your clients to meet their cybersecurity obligations in an affordable way, while also growing your business, check out Apptega, the only GRC automation platform purpose-built for MSSPs.

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