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Announcing Apptega Edge: The End-to-End Cybersecurity Compliance Platform Purpose-Built for MSPs

By Natalie Anderson on June 12, 2023

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Announcing Apptega Edge: The End-to-End Cybersecurity Compliance Platform Purpose-Built for MSPs

June 12, 2023 | BY Natalie Anderson

There are more than 150,000 MSPs globally, and the vast majority of them have traditionally been walled off from cybersecurity compliance due to its cost, complexity, and specialized knowledge. 

Today, that changes.  

We're very excited to announce, after many months of development, the launch of Apptega Edge, the powerful, yet lightweight platform purpose-built for MSPs that, for the first time, joins end-to-end cybersecurity compliance with marketplaces for security products and cyber insurance. 

For managed service providers (MSPs), efficiently building, managing, and reporting on internal cybersecurity programs and those of their customers has historically been out of reach due to the high barriers to entry.  

With Apptega Edge, we are doubling down on our mission to make cybersecurity easy for all. 

Now, MSPs have a single platform for every phase of their customers’ cybersecurity compliance journey – including automated risk assessments, intuitive tools to implement framework compliance, integrations with leading security and PSA products, QBR dashboards for ongoing monitoring and reporting, and a built-in cyber insurance offering. 

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Edge offers a dedicated marketplace that allows MSPs to map their security products to a library of compliance frameworks at the control and sub-control level, so that clients can easily purchase products that fill compliance gaps. This results in a more straightforward, less risky buying process — and a better ability for MSPs to monetize their offerings. 

And with an advanced multi-tenant portal, Edge enables MSPs to manage multiple customer cybersecurity programs, mapping them to more than 25 industry-standard frameworks to quickly visualize and fill in gaps by upselling additional products and services in their line cards.  

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With Edge, we have also built the first fully integrated cyber insurance marketplace that automatically qualifies businesses for coverage based on their cybersecurity and compliance posture in the Apptega platform– routing insurance applications to appropriate insurers based on the organization’s ability to meet certain security thresholds and then providing the insurance company with real-time data upon which rates and coverage can be adjusted. Two leading cyber insurance providers specializing in coverage for MSPs are included as charter providers in Edge – Fifth Wall and SeedPod.   

With the launch of Edge, we are thrilled to offer MSPs a platform that empowers them to gain a lucrative foothold in the rapidly growing $40 billion GRC market and deliver world-class cybersecurity compliance to the many businesses globally that rely on them for protection and enablement.   

To learn more about the product, visit this link. 

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