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Accelerate Your Consulting Business

Manage and grow your business with each client with easy-to-use cybersecurity and compliance management software

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Partner with Apptega to Drive
Cybersecurity and Compliance Efforts For Your Clients

Easily identify gaps in your client’s cybersecurity and compliance programs. Drive value by offering additional services from your portfolio and helping drive security improvements for your clients.

With the Power of Apptega, You Can...

Engage New Clients with Assessments

Quickly complete questionnaire-based assessments using Autoscoring to pinpoint the gaps and expand engagements to include remediation and reporting

Create New Sales Opportunities

Move into new markets by developing solutions that address the latest compliance and certification requirements.

Increase Engagement Value with Existing Clients

Easily identify gaps in your client’s cybersecurity and compliance programs. Drive value by offering additional services from your portfolio to fill the gaps.

Increase Productivity 10x

Conduct data-driven client review sessions in real-time while eliminating hundreds of hours of admin time.

Ensure Effective Cybersecurity

Go beyond compliance. Assess and remediate risks and vulnerabilities. Confidently ensure protection of your clients.

Grow Your Brand With an All-in-One Solution

Manage your clients in the multi-tenant portal and white-label the solution to promote your brand.

CMMC Level-1 Assessment

Manage Your Clients. Grow Your Clients

Apptega helps consultants around the world build, manage and report the cybersecurity programs of their clients. Deliver more engagement value. Increase productivity 50x. Generate annuity-based recurring revenue.

Learn more from Apptega’s Cybersecurity Consultants On Demand Webinar.

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We Scale With You

Our program is simple, designed for consultancies of all sizes – from one-person boutiques to large teams. With no complex pricing tiers or minimums. Our pay-as-you-go model is designed to scale with your practice, making it easy to enroll your clients without assuming risk.

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Simplified Cybersecurity and Compliance For Your Clients


Complete assessments for your clients faster and easier than with spreadsheets. Use the questionnaire-based process to foster collaboration with your clients. Pinpoint all compliance gaps and manage remediation of those gaps using the Apptega platform.


Select one or more cybersecurity and compliance frameworks for your clients to follow, including SOC 2, NIST, PCI, and more and your program will be created – instantly!


Significantly reduce manual administrative work and overhead to drive efficiencies and margin. Get access to real-time compliance scoring, project and task management, collaboration, and budgeting - all in one place.


Generate reports with one-click to help clients stay on track with their cybersecurity and compliance goals. Deliver unprecedented, real-time visibility for audits, Board of Directors, executive meetings, and customer requests.


Connect existing software products into the platform to create a system-of-record that delivers notifications to inboxes, project management tools, and more.


Identify gaps in your clients’ cybersecurity and compliance programs and offer solutions from your portfolio to drive security score improvements.

The Ideal Platform for Virtual CISOs

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Are you struggling to manage multiple cybersecurity programs and audits while also immersing yourself into the operations of each client? Providing great, personalized service to your clients isn’t practical if you’re using manual tools such as Excel. With the Apptega platform, your clients’ cybersecurity and compliance programs can be monitored from a single portal and each client has a separate tenant for collaboration, mutual task management, audit prep and reporting. Like our other vCISO partners, you can use Apptega to further distinguish yourself from your competitors to grow your client base faster and more efficiently.

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Join Our Cybersecurity Rock Stars

Terry Greenlaw
Terry Greenlaw
Founder, ILM Tech

"Apptega has transformed my consulting practice. It delivers structure and visibility to my clients’ cybersecurity programs while saving me hundreds of hours of admin time. Every cybersecurity consultant should consider using Apptega."

Bryan Gaff headshot
Bryan Gaff
Senior Vice President of Business Development and Partner

“Apptega takes the onus off of us. It guides us based on the industry requirements of each of our clients. We’re here to help each client do what they already told their customers they're going to do.Apptega is part ofthat. There is no way to start it without it."