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Partner with Apptega to Make Cybersecurity and Compliance Easy for Your Clients

Simplify cybersecurity and compliance for your clients with the platform that is comprehensive, easy to use, and designed for your success.

Accelerate Your Cybersecurity Business with Apptega

Significantly increase the scale and revenue of your cybersecurity offerings by partnering with a team aligned with your vision. Our Partner programs are customized to fit your unique culture, customer engagements, and business goals – from lead registration, in-person training, and co-branded sales tools to front-line sales support with your team.
Learn how you can grow your business by partnering with Apptega.

Manage and Grow Your Clients with Apptega’s
End-to-End Cybersecurity Management Platform

Create New Sales Opportunities

Address the latest compliance requirements. Develop solutions for new markets. Accelerate new client acquisitions.

Increase Existing Business Scope

Expand cybersecurity and compliance services with existing clients by using Apptega to identify program gaps and offering solutions to fill them.

Deliver Integration Efficiencies for Clients

Use the Apptega application-specific Connectors and Open API to address your clients’ integration needs.

Ensure Effective Cybersecurity

Don’t just check the boxes. Assess and remediate cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities. Confidently ensure the protection of your clients.

Promote Your Brand

White-label Apptega with your brand and use the cybersecurity management platform to manage each client from a separate multi-tenant portal.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Opt into a pay-as-you-go model that scales with your business, making it easy to enroll your clients without adding risk.

Join Our Cybersecurity Rockstars

Ronnie Munn
Ronnie Munn
Chief Information Security Officer, MCPc

“Apptega is the ideal platform for simplifying the management of our clients’ cybersecurity programs. The days of providing limited executive visibility through spreadsheets are over as a result of our partnership with Apptega. We are delivering a truly differentiated client experience by utilizing the Apptega platform.”

Pete Dowdy
Pete Dowdy
Senior Director, Information Security at Envistacom

"The new CMMC framework in Apptega, combined with the platform’s cybersecurity management and reporting capabilities, greatly simplifies the certification process and helps these organizations ensure compliance with minimal overhead.”

Terry Greenlaw
Terry Greenlaw
Founder, ILM Tech

"Apptega has transformed my consulting practice. It delivers structure and visibility to my clients’ cybersecurity programs while saving me hundreds of hours of admin time. Every cybersecurity consultant should consider using Apptega."

Ferrol Macon
Ferrol Macon
Vice President, Architecture and Strategy, Veristor Systems

"With Apptega, our clients now have a robust platform for implementing multiple maturity models, frameworks and roadmaps with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Apptega is a big differentiator in our product suite and our clients simply love it."

Cybersecurity and Compliance Resources

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