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Case Study:

How GSec Cut Time-to-Compliance by 75% with Apptega

GSec is a team of cybersecurity compliance and facility security experts that set out to simplify enterprise security solutions and make them accessible to small businesses.

Like many security providers and consultants, GSec relied on Excel spreadsheets to manage its clients' compliance programs. 

This approach, though, caused a disorganization that impacted both efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, revenue potential.  

Apptega provides organizations with a central repository that eliminates time-consuming and extensive reporting requirements, thus freeing up more time to serve more clients and increasing revenue potential.  


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This case study covers how: 

  • GSec reduced time spent manually generating reports such as system security plans by 75%.
  • With Apptega, GSec was able to reallocate resources previously used organizing documentation to increase their revenue potential.
  • Apptega's platform gives GSec a central repository of documents and evidence that eliminates duplicate work and allows framework crosswalking.



“Having a presentable, useful platform that both my employees and clients can use to achieve consistent, tangible results increased our efficiency and availability while also strengthening our client relationships.”

Amanda Adams, GSec founder and CEO



Case Study:

How GSec Cut Time-to-Compliance by 75% with Apptega