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Complete Cybersecurity & Compliance Audits With Ease

With the Apptega Audit Manager, easily manage your cybersecurity program—from Assessment to Audit

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Pass Cybersecurity Audits with Ease

Cybersecurity and compliance audits don't have to be complex, difficult or frustrating. Audit Manager from Apptega, streamlines your cybersecurity and compliance audits, saving valuable time and money for your organization and makes cybersecurity compliance easy.

Our award-winning cybersecurity compliance platform meets you right where you are and allows you to:

  • Assess the current state of your compliance
  • Compile all necessary artifacts and documentation in a single location
  • Fulfill all required auditor requests for compliance proof and evidence
  • Eliminate inefficient, manual efforts and excel documents from your audit process

Realizing cost savings, improving efficiencies, simplifying your compliance audits, and ensuring effective cyber-protection for you and your customers just got easier. 

Discover how you can go from assessment to passing your audits with ease and become a cybersecurity rock star today.

4 Simple Steps from Assessment to Audit

Assess Compliance

Easily compile all necessary documentation and measure your compliance completion along the way.

Upload Auditor Requests

Streamline the audit process by uploading requests from auditors directly into the platform to be measured and tracked for completion and providing proof of compliance.

Manage Evidence Requests

Utilize our visual interface to easily move audit request tasks through the process showcasing your compliance from collection to completion​.

Pass Your Audit

Savor the sweet victory of passing your audit effortlessly and more efficiently, while maintaining your program throughout the year and get a head start on next year's audit.

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Collaborate with Auditors

With role-based access capabilities built directly into the platform, you can share only the relevant required information with auditorsall while your team manages your cybersecurity program privately within the same platform.  

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Simplify Your Audit Process

The bottom line is, security doesn’t have to be hard—it just needs to be effective. With Audit Manager from Apptega, you can streamline the entire compliance process from assessment to audit. Work collaboratively with auditors to easily document and provide proof of your cybersecurity compliance, offering instant reassurance to customers, investors, and your auditors. With our visual interface, easily move audit request tasks through the process from collection to completion. 

Ready to simplify your cybersecurity and compliance audits? Contact us today to find out how you can use Apptega to streamline your compliance program from assessment to audit.

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Eliminate Guesswork Managing Your Audit

Cybersecurity and compliance audits can be complex. They often require hours of manual effort - especially if you're managing them on excel spreadsheets. Become more efficient with visual cues that show gaps, next steps, and your progress to date. 

Additionally, you can store all cybersecurity and compliance evidence in one system - a single source of truth - simplifying the process for the next audit.

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Increase Visibility & Manage Deadlines

Take Audit Manager's dashboards to your next executive meeting.

Easily visualize your audit progress and manage existing gaps in your evidence collection.  Streamline all audit deadlines with in-app task assignments and notifications to your team, stakeholders, and auditors. Ensure your audit stays on schedule.

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Capitalize on Our 100+ Years of Expertise

We’ve got your back with a team of certified, world-class cybersecurity experts to support you throughout your entire compliance journey – from quarterly reviews to audit advice whenever you need it.

Capitalize on our expertise at no extra charge.

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All the Auditable Frameworks You Need


Prepare for the new CMMC certification process to maintain your government contracts


Streamline your cloud security into standardized security measures

ISO 27001

Mitigate information security risks with this internationally recognized guideline


Ensure protection of sensitive credit card information—and secure the trust of your clients


Keep your customers’ data safe in the cloud and out of the hands of cybercriminals

Join Our Cybersecurity Rock Stars

Ben Shepherd
Ben Shepherd
CPA, CIA, Ascent CPA

"Audit Manager’s visibility and organization for both auditors and clients is impressive and simple. The maneuverability, ease of use, customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities streamline the audit process making my team more efficient and effective with simplified reporting where most audits tend to stall or slow down."

Jay Ferro Headshot
Jay Ferro
CEO, Quikrete

"I see products in the market that promise ‘30-day audits’ but in reality that’s not feasible or very sustainable. Great security and compliance is not a one-time event to check a box. Apptega is a long-term platform and partner that supports my entire business and our strategic goals."

Jackson Wilson Headshot
Jackson Wilson
CIO, Storage Post

"Cybersecurity is an ongoing program, not a one-time project. With dozens of Storage Post retail locations requiring continuous PCI compliance, Apptega organizes our entire program in one place, giving us incredible efficiencies. It's the salesforce.com for cybersecurity."

Chris Farrow Headshot
Chris Farrow
Director of Global Cyber Security, IJM

“I find Apptega amazingly easy to use. What I like best is the pre-built framework content covering topics like NIST CSF, CIS, GDPR and CCPA. The reports are extremely valuable for reporting to executive and board stakeholders.”

Desiree Davis Headshot
Desiree Davis
Operations Manager, Leap Credit

"I would absolutely recommend Apptega for anyone looking to elevate their compliance program from a static source to something that can be used to actively track and manage your compliance."