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Security-first Considerations for Purchasing Cyber Insurance 

With the growing number of increasingly complex cyberattacks around the globe, cyber insurance is now an essential, and often critical, component of operational resilience – for organizations of all sizes in all industries.

Businesses must keep up with current trends in both cybersecurity and cyber insurance to be as protected as possible. In this whitepaper, we cover the current state of cyber insurance, choosing the right cyber insurance coverage, and what to do when a cyber incident inevitably happens to you. 

Apptega Cyber Insurance whitepaper v4

What you will learn:

Today, organizations of all sizes are at risk
of a cyber incident, making cyber insurance a crucial part of your business.

This report covers: 

  • The current state of cyber threats and cyber insurance
  • The benefits of cyber insurance coverage
  • Framing security beyond insurance requirements
  • Choosing the right carrier, agent, and coverage

"You have to secure your assets and then you have to insure your assets"
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Mercy Komar
Insurance Advisor and Risk Manager


Security-first Considerations for Purchasing Cyber Insurance