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Cybersecurity Sommelier - A Perfect Pairing of Technology & Consultancy for CMMC

Is your organization struggling with your CMMC compliance strategy? Sometimes going solo isn't the answer.

Join Carter Schoenberg, CISSP/ CMMC-RP and Vice President of SoundWay Consulting Inc. as he talks through the challenges of going solo with CMMC, how to choose a consultant that works best for your organization, and how cybersecurity technology can pair perfectly with the use of a consultant.


Discussion Points

Challenges of 'Going Solo'

What challenges could you face doing CMMC on your own?

How Technology Can Help - But Isn't Always Enough

What tools could you be using to help with certification?

How to Choose a Consultant?

What criteria should you be looking for and why?

Why Consultancy and Technology are the Perfect Pairing

How can my organization streamline cybersecurity management and simplify CMMC?

Carter Schoenberg


Carter Schoenberg, CISSP/CMMC-RP

Vice President - Soundway Consulting

Carter Schoenberg is the Vice President of SoundWay Consulting Inc. Along with his career at SoundWay, Schoenberg is a Certified Information System Security Professional with over 27 years of combined experience in criminal investigations, cyber threat intelligence, cybersecurity, risk management, and cyber law. His past works include comprehensive assessments of U.S. Government Contractors to align with what are now formal requirements set forth by the Defense Department including NIST SP 800-171 and now the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). 

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