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CMMC Challenges: Overcoming the Obstacles

Establishing your organization’s CMMC (and now CMMC 2.0) strategy amidst the current turmoil within the CMMC organization may leave you with unanswered questions. What changes can you expect to see? And how can you address business challenges without knowing what changes are coming?

Watch our on-demand discussion on preparing for the unknowns of CMMC. Speakers include:
  • Tom Wojcinski, CISA, CRISC, Director at Wipfli (RPO, C3PAO)
  • Peyton Kringlie, Business Analyst at L.S. Black (DoD prime contractor).

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Discussion Points

Upcoming Updates to CMMC

What (if any) changes or updates can you expect to see within the current framework?

Challenges for Implementing CMMC

How to overcome and address business considerations and challenges associated with CMMC

Real-World Examples

How other companies are approaching these challenges

Tom Wojcinski headshot



Tom Wojcinski, CISA, CRISC

Director - Wipfli - RPO, C3PAO

As a director in Wipfli's cybersecurity and technology management practice, Tom Wojcinski specializes in helping organizations reduce and manage the risks that modern technology and information systems introduce to their organization. In today’s business environment, customers, trading partners, regulators, and employees expect continuously available and secure information systems. To help meet this expectation, Tom works with clients to increase the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of their information assets.

Tom leads a variety of engagements designed to help improve organizations’ cybersecurity posture, including cybersecurity risk assessment, control program development and implementation, incident response planning and simulation, vulnerability and penetration testing, security audit, control verification, and managed detection and response. He is a frequent author and speaker on cybersecurity and information technology (IT) risk management topics.

Peyton Kringlie



Peyton Kringlie

Business Analyst - L.S. Black, DoD Prime Contractor

Peyton Kringlie is a Business Analyst at LS Black Constructors. Peyton leads his company in Technology and Innovation. LS Black, General Contractor in the Twin Cities, specializes in DoD construction contracts, in which Cybersecurity is a requirement. Peyton has a range of Construction Industry knowledge with a history in Project Management, Supply Chain, Marketing, and now IT.

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