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CMMC 2.0 Assessments

With impending CMMC regulations going into effect in March 2023, DoD contractors and CMMC RPOs are using Apptega to streamline CMMC assessments.

Watch this 5-minute video to see:

  • Assessment templates for each CMMC level, easily customized to your needs
  • Easily customized answers and scoring
  • Dynamic questionnaire allowing multiple users to update their sections at the same time
  • Assessment results used stand-alone or transferred into a program for compliance management and remediation
  • Automated reports including a POA&M and System Security Plan (SSP)

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Managing Your CMMC Assessments in Apptega

CMMC assessment costs vary based on your CMMC certification level and other factors such as the complexity of the work you do and your contractual obligations. There are no self-assessments for CMMC certification, however, you are encouraged to complete a self-assessment before you set an appointment for your formal CMMC assessment.

The Assessment Manager in Apptega is used to quickly and easily evaluate CMMC compliance and audit-readiness. Initial and recurring questionnaire-based assessments are used to identify gaps and produce status reports. Assessment results can be used stand-alone or transferred into a cybersecurity program in Apptega for ongoing remediation and reporting.


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