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The security, safety and health of the Apptega community are our top priorities. As cyber criminals take advantage of the opportunities created by COVID-19 fears, cybersecurity professionals need to stay a step ahead.

Address New & Evolving Cyber Threats

This resource center provides an evolving library of guidance and tools to help ensure the effectiveness of your cyber defenses as you adapt your business operations to thrive through the crisis.

Most Popular Resources

Business Continuity Plan Template | Apptega

Apptega's Business Continuity Plan template can help you prepare for potential business interefences. Download our template today to learn how you can be ready!

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COVID-19 Cybersecurity for Remote Teams | Apptega

COVID-19 safety measures have made remote working the new normal. Read Apptega's insights on cybersecurity for telecommuting.

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COVID-19 Uncertainties Fuel Ransomware Attacks & Phishing Schemes | Apptega

Organizations have seen an increase in ransomware attacks & phishing schemes in light of COVID-19. Read how you can protect your organization from cyber-attacks and lessen risk.

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COVID-19 Cybersecurity Resources

Remote Cybersecurity Management [VIDEO] - Apptega

Watch Apptega's Remote Management of Cybersecurity video demo to learn how you can remotely manage your cybersecurity and compliance programs.

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Cybersecurity Incident Response Tabletop Exercise Scenarios | Apptega

Cybersecurity Incident Reponse Tabletop Exercises are a great way to see how prepared your organization is when faced with certain crises. Download Apptega's incident reponse template to start practicing!

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Cybersecurity Desk Audits to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 | Apptega

Apptega examines the increase in cyber threats while organizations social distance. Read how cybersecurity desk audits may be the solution to your problems.

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WEBINAR: The Value of a Virtual CISO in Uncertain Times

Join us for an expert-panel webinar that will examine the potential advantages of utilizing a vCISO. Recommendations will be provided from both the vCISO and client perspectives.

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WEBINAR: Everyone is Telecommuting:  How to Ensure Cybersecurity

Join us March 26 at 2 PM ET for an expert panel webinar that will offer advice for managing your remote workforce & ensuring security during these unprecedented times.

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template | Apptega

A Disaster Recovery Plan can help you prepare your organization for any business disruptions to company operations. Download Apptega's free template to help you get started on your plan!

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Cybersecurity Policy & Plan Templates | Apptega

Learn how you can lay the foundation for your cybersecurity program with policy and plan templates. Download your templates today.

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Cybersecurity Compliance Framework [GUIDE] - Apptega

Apptega can help you manage your privacy frameworks to make sure you meet compliance requirements. Download your compliance guide to help you with your compliance framework.

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Additional COVID-19 Resources

From Our Industry Partners & Friends

Momentum Cyber:  Special Report: Cybersecurity in The Age Of COVID-19

MCPc:  Address your need for remote workforce computing.  If you are challenged by a shortage of mobile computing devices or lack the capability to rapidly configure and deploy, MCPc is poised to help

MCPc:  Enhanced security support for remote workers.  Help protecting your data with 24/7 monitoring, managed patching, managed malware detection and overall endpoint protection

AGIO:  Coronavirus: How to Do Business as Usual When It’s Anything But 

Adaptive Business Continuity:  Coronavirus Management System™

CLA:  Unforeseen disruptions — from the coronavirus (COVID-19) to natural disasters — can create many uncertainties. These resources can help you lay out a strategy to put your organization on its toes versus its heels. 

Magna5:  Public Health Crisis: Six Ways to Improve Your IT Network to Empower Remote Workers to Be Productive

Michael Marrano:  Organizations need a Virtual CISO now more than ever

Red Clover Advisors:  Remote Work Best Practices Guide

Topo.ai:  Interactive COVID-19 map and infection data for identifying emerging COVID-19 ‘hot spots’ and newly affected US counties. 

ITL Bulletin, March 2020:  Security for Enterprise Telework, Remote Access, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solutions

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