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Apptega and Manage Infinity Team Up in Elite Cybersecurity Partnership to Proactively Protect Against Cyber Attacks and Breaches

Apptega provides a ground-breaking, proactive security platform for Manage Infinity’s clients.

Atlanta – August 22, 2019 – Apptega, the leading cybersecurity management platform, and Manage Infinity, a top security management firm, have teamed up in an elite cybersecurity partnership to proactively protect against increasingly common cyberattacks and security breaches.

Since partnering with Apptega, Manage Infinity is able to bring the intuitive Apptega platform to clients, giving them a way to easily design, implement and report cybersecurity with a simple and intuitive user experience layered over patent-pending technology. With unprecedented levels of control, Apptega allows Manage Infinity’s clients to secure information, create industry specific frameworks and assign accountability to teams.

“When engineering a roadmap to remediation, Apptega is an instrumental platform we recommend to Manage Infinity’s clients,” stated Dean Macris, Practice Manager at Manage Infinity.

One of the largest gaps in a successful cybersecurity program is the lack of accountability, and a collaboration with Apptega brings a much-needed proactive solution to protect Manage Infinity’s clients from cybersecurity breaches and attacks. Manage Infinity clients are able to set up controls, policies, and procedures to meet their specific company needs; adapt to ever-changing compliance standards; and build an all-in-one destination for their organization’s cybersecurity needs.

Macris said, “After my personal frustration managing security programs for large defense contractors and the Department of Defense, I’d never come across an all-in-one platform. With Apptega, we’ve helped clients more accurately baseline the completion of different cybersecurity frameworks, leading to increased security and more proactive protection.”

With Apptega, organizations can visualize their journey towards compliance against a growing list of industry cybersecurity frameworks. For Manage Infinity’s clients, implementation is mission-critical, and Apptega allows them to seamlessly design, manage, and report on continuous progress.

Armistead Whitney, CEO at Apptega, said, “We’re excited for the future of cybersecurity with Apptega and Manage Infinity on the first lines of defense. We’re proud to give modern businesses the centralized platform they need to make security much more efficient with greater visibility and control of cybersecurity data.”

On the front lines of innovation, Apptega is consistently developing industry-leading products directly based on customer feedback such as their intelligent framework mapping, Harmony, which launched in March 2019. Additionally in June 2019, Apptega launched multiple new user-focused product features such Risk Rating, a visual all-in-one view for identifying gaps in security in order to prioritize security initiatives, as well as Task Packs, an importable list of tasks for the associated framework.

As for the future, Macris stated, “We have not experienced the cybersecurity Pearl Harbor or 9/11, and many companies have not woken up to security dangers fast enough. Luckily, Apptega and Manage Infinity’s partnership provides a platform for accountability and implementation that ensures businesses are putting these standards into practice.”

About Apptega

Apptega is committed to making cybersecurity easier and more accessible for everyone. By using technology to unify, track and report cybersecurity processes, Apptega helps organizations of all sizes stay protected and compliant. Apptega is at the intersection of creativity and patent-pending technology, making cybersecurity simple for everyone from small business IT leaders to Fortune 500 companies with dozens of security professionals. Apptega was founded in early 2017 by American entrepreneur Armistead Whitney and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit apptega.com.

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