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Apptega and Philotek Partner in Data-Focused Partnership to Bring Micro-Level Intelligence and Granularity to Cybersecurity Industry

Philotek leverages Apptega’s comprehensive, intelligent data and platform to usher in an era of cybersecurity focused on granular prevention versus large-scale “umbrella” approaches.

Atlanta – August 15, 2019 – Today, Apptega, the leading cybersecurity management platform, announces its latest strategic partnership with Philotek, a top security management firm delivering turnkey solutions based on industry proven methodologies to manufacturing, healthcare, commercial, and education organizations. 

With a team of industry veterans, Philotek provides customers with a seamless integration experience, customizing each solution based on specific customer requirements. Philotek provides both end-user solutions and managed solutions, which enable customers to have a variety of management options according to their technology needs.

After discovering many Philotek clients lacked procedures or policies around data management and security, Philotek turned to Apptega as a platform to deliver to clients a greater understanding of the “why” behind cybersecurity. By gathering these insights, teams better comprehend their cybersecurity postures and are able to report to boards and leadership executives with concise and relevant data.

“Apptega has done an incredible job of simplifying the delivery of compliance information and data to the senior management of our clients. By simplifying the messaging we’re delivering through Apptega’s ready-made charts, one-click presentations, and templates, our team is able to better present and report cybersecurity procedures to senior leadership,” said Ryan Walters, Partner at Philotek. 

Philotek clients needed highly intelligent, powerful data to seamlessly transmit cybersecurity reporting and compliance to senior levels of management. By partnering with Apptega, Philotek utilizes Apptega’s user-focused intuitive dashboard to visually highlight key data such as compliance scoring, Risk Ratings, and task accountability in an easy-to-understand UI.  With increased transparency and accessibility to data, team members stay informed of policy and program updates, leading to increased granularity around cybersecurity measures.  

“We’re really excited to continue innovating with new, intelligent insights inside Apptega that bring more granularity, transparency and guidance that Philotek’s clients are looking for,” said Armistead Whitney, CEO of Apptega, “this is a really great partnership.”

Walters stated, “We believe cybersecurity will continue to evolve into a more micro-level focused security instead of the ‘umbrella approach’ we’re doing now with large-scale preventions like firewalls. As the industry shifts to micro-level security around the individual person or device, the ‘umbrella approach’ will no longer be effective, and granularity through Apptega will be imperative. The Philotek and Apptega partnership will be key in bringing this holistic vision of cybersecurity to organizations; Apptega provides the organizational engine that delivers visibility to senior management, and Philotek’s responsibilities will be to fully implement those policies within organizations.”

As Apptega’s product innovations usher in the future of cybersecurity, Apptega announces a wave of strategic partnerships that impact thousands of organizations around the globe. Heralded as “the salesforce.com of cybersecurity,” Apptega continues to make cybersecurity more accessible to companies of all sizes, delivering them a comprehensive platform to build, manage, and report on the most important area of IT.  

 About Apptega

Apptega is committed to making cybersecurity easier and more accessible for everyone. By using technology to unify, track and report cybersecurity processes, Apptega helps organizations of all sizes stay protected and compliant. Apptega is at the intersection of creativity and patent-pending technology, making cybersecurity simple for everyone from small business IT leaders to Fortune 500 companies with dozens of security professionals. Apptega was founded in early 2017 by American entrepreneur Armistead Whitney and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  For more information, visit apptega.com.

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