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Apptega and Medicus IT Partner as Powerful Solution to Increase Stability in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Bringing unprecedented transparency and control, Apptega’s platform provides much-needed stability to security and compliance for healthcare organizations.

Atlanta – August 8, 2019 – Apptega, the award-winning cybersecurity management platform, and Medicus IT, a leading provider of IT consulting services, are announcing today a strategic partnership to streamline cybersecurity and compliance in the healthcare industry. 

Medicus IT is known for its vast knowledge and experience in the healthcare vertical, advising medical practices of all sizes on how to establish secure, HIPAA compliant and efficient IT solutions, while continually working alongside clients to manage IT operations, further increasing efficiency and stability. 

As healthcare breaches continue to dominate the news headlines, cybersecurity is more critical than ever. Medicus IT turned to Apptega as a comprehensive solution to easily build, manage, and report cybersecurity and its ever-changing healthcare regulations. 

While increased healthcare regulations protect consumers, it’s often overwhelming for companies to stay up to date and compliant with shifting rules and requirements. Apptega and Medicus IT together are a powerful solution in reducing the overwhelming process of managing cybersecurity tactics.  

Chris Jann, Founder and CEO, at Medicus IT said, “Many of our clients struggled to find consistent cybersecurity and compliance document processes. Apptega has created a solution for practices to store their documentation and schedule ongoing tasks, helpings maintain HIPAA security compliance.”

For healthcare organizations managing multiple security frameworks, intelligent, user-friendly reporting is a core component of adapting to today’s cyber-focused world. Apptega delivers one-click reporting for necessary HIPAA audits, eliminating the hundreds of hours of time typically spent on fulfilling compliance reviews, attestations, board reviews and customer requests.

At its core, Apptega is a break-through, user-focused product, and bringing increased cybersecurity accessibility to healthcare organizations is a user-focused end goal as well. Partnering with leading organizations like Medicus IT brings Apptega’s benefits to millions of consumers who are relying on healthcare organizations to increase their efficiencies in reporting, proactively comply with the latest regulations, and secure confidential information.

According to a USA Today report, the healthcare industry has accounted for over 40 percent of data breaches over the last three years, and 91 percent of all health organizations have reported a breach over the last two years. With Apptega, over 500,000 healthcare businesses in the U.S. will benefit by building, implementing and reporting HIPAA-compliant cybersecurity to protect against data breaches.

Jann stated, “Medicus believes that the partnership with Apptega will provide a solution for our clients to better protect themselves by keeping information front and center on a consistent basis.”

In a partnership focused on protecting consumers, Apptega and Medicus IT look to continue providing unrivaled, ground-breaking innovations to serve the healthcare industry. 

About Medicus IT

Medicus IT is proud to be a top five managed service provider nationwide primarily focused on support, security, and compliance solutions to the healthcare industry. With over 400 years of combined healthcare-specific IT experience, they understand how practices operate and what technical challenges you face. Their expertise in the healthcare industry enables them to triage issues appropriately, providing the response times and levels of service you need and expect from your IT support Partner. They focus on keeping IT systems operational, secure, and compliant so you can focus on the everyday demands of practice management and patient care. By offering all-inclusive support and advanced security solutions, Medicus IT provides practices unequivocal, everyday access to the most extensive recourses in Information Technology.

About Apptega

Apptega is committed to making cybersecurity easier and more accessible for everyone. By using technology to unify, track and report cybersecurity processes, Apptega helps organizations of all sizes stay protected and compliant. Apptega is at the intersection of creativity and patent-pending technology, making cybersecurity simple for everyone from small business IT leaders to Fortune 500 companies with dozens of security professionals. Apptega was founded in early 2017 by American entrepreneur Armistead Whitney and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  For more information, visit apptega.com.

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