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Apptega and Tier4 Advisors Partner to Deliver Unprecedented Visibility of Compliance, Ushering in the Future of Cybersecurity

Tier4 partners with Apptega for intelligent, innovative technology backed by user-focused features.

Atlanta – September 12, 2019 – Apptega, the leading cybersecurity management platform, and Tier4 Advisors, an expert in IT planning, architecture and procurement, have formed a partnership for Tier4 clients to implement Apptega’s intuitive cybersecurity management platform.    

Tier4 is a trusted IT advisory firm with strategic sourcing expertise in the areas of data centers (cloud/colo),telecom (connectivity/calling), managed services and security. Since its founding, Tier4 has grown to become one of the most respected IT advisors in America with hundreds of years of combined IT experience on their team and a proprietary database of over 650 vendors worldwide. Tier4 helps its clients, ranging in size from domestic startups to global Fortune 100 enterprises, save time (and money) in the process of picking the right vendor for the right need.

With Apptega’s intelligent, innovative technology, Tier4 clients now have an end-to-end platform to build, manage, and report on all cybersecurity functions. In addition to a comprehensive platform for cybersecurity, Tier4 clients see increased transparency and visibility with Apptega’s user-focused features like team accountability, compliance scoring, calendaring, budgets, and framework mapping. 

Now empowering Tier4 clients with industry-leading tools from Apptega, Jake Sherrill, Founder and Chairman of Tier4 Advisors, said, “The old fashioned way of giving cybersecurity visibility to teams and management lay in some sort of Powerpoint presentation or outdated Excel document.” After adding Apptega into its vast vendor database, Sherrill stated, “End users greatly need Apptega’s technology and it’s very likely within the next 6-12 months we’ll have 20+ clients on the Apptega platform and greatly benefiting in terms of transparency between IT teams and executive reporting.”

Armistead Whitney, CEO of Apptega, said, “Tier4’s expertise and reputation for working with organizations of all sizes and industries is a natural fit to offer new ways to build, manage and report cybersecurity with Apptega. We’re proud to partner with Tier4 as a mission-critical solution for their clients.”

Since the addition of Apptega, Tier4 clients have seen increased visibility in transparency and reporting. This transparency is crucial in organizations staying proactive in compliance, and with Apptega, Tier4 client’s are able to deliver unrivaled insights to their teams, leadership, and executive boards. With a global base of clients and hundreds of projects completed worldwide, Tier4 clients manage a broad range of governance and regulatory requirements. Critical to this multiple framework management is Apptega’s Harmony Intelligent Framework Mapping, which allows these organizations to manage multiple cybersecurity frameworks at once, gaining 50%+ efficiency as compared to managing each framework separately.

“Apptega does a great job explaining what different certifications and frameworks require rather than an IT specialist jumping on Google. You’ve got that all with the click of a button with Apptega,” said Sherrill. 

A collaboration between Tier4 and Apptega allows Tier4 clients to save hundreds of hours of manual administrative work while providing unprecedented access and management of an entire cybersecurity program in a single platform.

“Apptega is an amazing solution that all IT shops should be using,” said Jake Sherrill. 

Earlier this year, Apptega was named a Top 40 Innovative Technology Company by the Technology Association of Georgia, a prestigious award given to an elite group of innovators who represent the very best of Georgia’s Technology community. This dedication to innovation makes Apptega an imperative platform for companies transitioning into the new age of cybersecurity. 

Additionally, Tier4 has been named as an Inc.5000 company and Pacesetter award winner in back to back years. Tier4 Advisors’ sister company, Tier4 Group, has also won back to back Pacesetter awards and was named to the Inc.5000 list recently as well. 

About Apptega

Apptega is committed to making cybersecurity easier and more accessible for everyone. By using technology to unify, track and report cybersecurity processes, Apptega helps organizations of all sizes stay protected and compliant. Apptega is at the intersection of creativity and patent-pending technology, making cybersecurity simple for everyone from small business IT leaders to Fortune 500 companies with dozens of security professionals. Apptega was founded in early 2017 by American entrepreneur Armistead Whitney and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  For more information, visit apptega.com.

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