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Amplify Partner Summit

Planning is already underway for Amplify Partner Summit - the MSSP event of 2022! Sign up to be on our VIP list to get all the details first. 

When: April 27th - 28th

Where: Atlanta, GA

Amplify is the annual event designed just for you to showcase how MSSPs are using Apptega to:

  • Fuel Growth
  • Streamline Cybersecurity
  • Delight Customers
  • Become Cybersecurity Rockstars!



Learn How You Can...


Complete assessments for your customers faster and easier than spreadsheets and use the questionnaire-based process to foster collaboration with your clients. Pinpoint all compliance gaps and manage remediation of those gaps using the recommended tasks feature.


Start by selecting from a growing list of cybersecurity and compliance frameworks such as NIST, HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2 or ISO. Add your own proprietary controls specific to the unique services you provide or the individual needs of each client. Instantly design your client programs from start to finish, with just a few clicks.


Significantly reduce manual administrative work and overhead to drive efficiencies and margin. Easily monitor your clients’ programs with real-time compliance scoring, project lifecycle, task management, calendaring, collaboration, budgeting, document management, and reporting – all within a single, easy-to-use platform.


Generate a variety of reports for audits, Board of Director and executive meetings, customer requests, and more for individual clients. Deliver unprecedented, real-time visibility and control of the cybersecurity data. Monitor all of your clients’ progress in a single, intuitive view designed specifically for Managed Security Service Providers.

Join Our MSSP Rock Stars

Bryan Gaff headshot
Bryan Gaff
Senior Vice President of Business Development and Partner, Abacode

“Apptega takes the onus off of us. It guides us based on the industry requirements of each of our clients. We’re here to help each client do what they already told their customers they're going to do. Apptega is part of that. There is no way to start it without it."

Andrew Edstrom headshot
Andrew Edstrom
CEO & President, Assessivate

“[Apptega has] been a great value to us. I can’t emphasize that enough. Every time we get a customer, I’m figuring out, ‘How do we get Apptega in that account one way or another?’”

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