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Program Builder
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Why Apptega

Your full GRC journey in one tool

Incinerate your spreadsheets. Apptega makes it dead simple to build, manage, and report your governance, risk, and compliance programs end-to-end.

Dashboard and subcontrols in Apptega
Create internal bandwidth

Leave grunt work behind — and put your time where it matters most.

Unlock revenue streams

Turn one-off projects into sticky, long-term client relationships by easily building sophisticated GRC programs.

Instantly demonstrate ROI

With intuitive reports and dashboards, you’ll show the status of your entire GRC program to relevant stakeholders with zero admin work.

Be best in show

Add some sizzle to your steak by presenting your cybersecurity and compliance offerings for a clear competitive edge.

Apptega is an excellent, to-the-point, cost-effective GRC platform for MSPs and MSSPs. Quickly spin up new clients, complete assessments against a myriad of frameworks, add risk, crosswalk between platforms, get excellent support, and affordable licensing.

J.J. Powel
vCISO, Cyber Defense Group

With Apptega, we identified the opportunity to optimize our security standards and pinpoint where we needed to place our priorities based on the SANS top 20 controls. It essentially provided us with a road map for security success.

Ray Elquist
Information Assurance Manager, Pillsbury

Apptega has allowed us to build out our state regulatory compliance programs. We now understand the schedule and key dates our team must hit which holds us accountable for quarterly objectives and board meetings.

Desiree Davis
Operations Manager, Leap Credit

We evaluated a variety of platforms and found many to be too complex and hard to use. In Apptega, we found an ideal fit.

Chris Engel
CIO, TeleNet Marketing Solutions

The pre-Apptega approach based on spreadsheets embodied significant overhead and couldn’t reliably identify and address all the gaps. Now we manage cybersecurity effectiveness and compliance as a program, where it’s continuous, and we’re able to make constant improvements and easily get the information and visibility we need. At all times, we know exactly where we stand and where we need to go.

Will Alexander
CIO, Benevis

With Apptega, we’re able to take a cost-effective DIY approach to cybersecurity readiness and compliance. The built-in guidance for each of the sub-controls helps us quickly compare what we are actually doing with what we need to be doing. Gaps are readily identified, and remediation tasks are set up in the platform to give us a 360-degree view of our status and plans.

Ed Myers
Compliance Director, Cape Henry

Until Apptega, I couldn’t find a cost-effective GRC tool that measured and assessed risk and controls well. Not only does Apptega have a better price point than anyone else, it’s a powerful platform that helps me with my reporting, gives my clients instant feedback, and holds them accountable.

Timothy Fawcett
Director of Cyber Security Consulting

Having a presentable, useful platform that both my employees and clients can use to achieve consistent, tangible results increased our efficiency and availability while also strengthening our client relationships.

Amanda Adams
Founder and CEO, GSEC

Being able to cross-map between different frameworks is huge. I don’t want to have to gather the same data 16 different times.

Tim Everson
CISO, Kalahari Resorts

[Apptega has] been a great value to us. I can’t emphasize that enough. Every time we get a customer, I’m figuring out, ‘How do we get Apptega in that account one way or another?'

Andrew Edstrom
CEO and President, Assessivate

Apptega's primary value is that it lets us organize our advisory process around the needs of our customers, and give us a better way to convey the impact of the process.

Victor Marchetto
Advisory Services Manager, Evolve

How it works

Apptega allows you to manage all your GRC programs as one with framework crosswalking, integrations, and AI to boost your efficiency.

Assessment Manager

Automate assessments against 30+ frameworks

Use questionnaire-based templates to quickly identify gaps and get an updated compliance score as you go.


Kickstart audit-ready cybersecurity programs

Select the right framework — CMMC, SOC 2, NIST, PCI DSS, etc. — to quickly design a comprehensive program with risk management, vendor risk management, audit prep, and more.

Program builder and subcontrols in Apptega
PCI Dashboard

Create a single source of truth

Deliver real-time visibility into cybersecurity data across key stakeholders. Monitor your programs’ progress in a multi-tenant view specifically designed for security providers.


Avoid repetitive work

The average organization must comply with 3-5 frameworks. So map them to each other with a click – because starting from scratch is a no-go.

Framework crosswalking options in Apptega

ROI Stats that Speak Volumes

Reduction in manual tasks
Increase in advisory capacity for security providers
Partner ROI on avg. in 3 years
Reduction in time to compliance
Months on avg. to recoup initial investment

Connect directly to your sources of truth

Integrate with all your data systems and project management tools to streamline workflows and continuously monitor security status.

Apptega supports among the largest networks of integrations and an open API.

A list of tools Apptega integrates with

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