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Say hello to CyberXchange – the world’s first intelligent cybersecurity marketplace!

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Instantly Find Solutions Mapped
to Cybersecurity and Compliance Gaps

Meet CyberXchange, powered by Apptega. The world’s first marketplace that maps cybersecurity hardware, software and services to the controls and sub-controls of cybersecurity and privacy frameworks.

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CyberXchange for Cybersecurity Professionals

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Implementing great cybersecurity is challenging for companies of all sizes – with increasing threats, teleworking, regulatory standards, and customer audits. Finding the right security consultants and solution vendors to help fill your gaps is difficult and time-consuming. CyberXchange to the rescue!

CyberXchange is mapped to all the frameworks you’ve activated in Apptega. When a gap or compliance deficiency is identified, you can instantly link to solutions in CyberXchange mapped to your specific need. Guesswork is eliminated. The research is already done for you.

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Framework-Specific Marketplaces

Join thousands of CISOs, CIOs and other cyber professionals who are already finding perfect-fit solutions.

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CyberXchange for Vendors and Consultants

91% of all enterprises manage their cybersecurity programs using at least one major framework such as SOC 2, NIST, PCI, ISO, HIPAA and CMMC.

In CyberXchange, your solutions are mapped to more than 1,500 unique controls across 20 cybersecurity and privacy frameworks. Thousands of CIOs, CISOs and IT professionals can instantly see how your solutions address their specific requirements, and connect with you to learn more.

Additional benefits include:

Lead Generation

  • You’ll receive qualified leads from buyers with clearly defined needs mapped to your solutions.

Brand Exposure

  • By joining CyberXchange, you’ll be part of a growing ecosystem as your company finds new customers and penetrates new, emerging markets.

Position Your Solutions

  • Mapped to cybersecurity and privacy frameworks, your products and services are positioned as solutions to specific problems.

Join Our Cybersecurity Rock Stars

Nick Santora Headshot
Nick Santora
CEO, Curricula

"In today’s highly competitive world of cybersecurity products, every vendor in the industry is challenged to be matched with active buyers. CyberXchange aligns our security awareness platform to all major cybersecurity frameworks inside the Apptega platform. This positions Curricula as a market leader when buyers are looking for trusted products."

Jay Ferro Headshot
Jay Ferro
CEO, Quickrite

"CIOs are challenged with finding the right cybersecurity products within a complex and overwhelming ecosystem. CyberXchange helps you separate “the signal from the noise” and find the best products for your needs. It’s brilliant!"

Ryan Walters Headshot
Ryan Walters
Partner, Philotek

"CyberXchange provides the platform, data intelligence and visibility into the entire cybersecurity program. Philotek is excited to be in the marketplace to help implement the products and services the market needs to be protected and compliant."

Dino Boukouris
Dino Boukouris
Director, Momentum Cyber

“One of the most challenging aspects of a CISO’s job is sorting through the hundreds of cybersecurity vendors flooding the market each year, trying to make sense of how a particular tool may fit into their unique security architecture and compliance frameworks. CyberXchange helps cut through the noise, alleviating the ever-growing vendor fatigue, allowing organizations to build a more secure and compliant cybersecurity program.”

Jason JJ James
Jason "JJ" James
CIO, Net Health

“Implementing effective cybersecurity has become extremely complex, time-consuming and expensive for organizations of all sizes. CyberXchange helps address vendor redundancy and overlap while maximizing our cybersecurity investments, something every CIO and IT department struggles with. Any organization seeking to significantly improve the way they research, buy and implement cybersecurity should use CyberXchange.”