About Us

"Show us your cybersecurity program"

Meet Armistead Whitney, Founder & CEO Apptega

“Show us your cybersecurity program.” Five words being used more and more in today’s riskier world. By auditors, customers, prospects, executives, board members and insurance companies – and not just in large Fortune 1000 companies, but all companies.

Let’s face it, building a cybersecurity program can be difficult, time consuming, expensive, and confusing. The threat landscape is constantly changing. Every company in a supply chain, big and small, is being audited on cybersecurity. More companies are touching your data because you’re outsourcing more to the cloud creating more points of risk and more questions. There are too many vendors telling you they “do it all” leading to vendor overload and inefficient deployment of capital. And, there is a shortage of affordable security talent to give you the guidance and support you need.

“As IT and compliance professionals, we need an easier way to manage the process of protecting our organizations, being compliant, and reporting to so many stakeholders.”

Apptega was created by executives just like you – who wanted to use technology to unify, track and report cybersecurity more easily. We’ve listened to hundreds of IT and compliance professionals on what they wanted. We heard a consistent story – “build us something that is the end-to-end story for IT, audits, my board, and our customers….help us prioritize, organize, collaborate, budget, manage vendors, and report….create a ‘system of record’ that’s easy to use and flexible. And finally this: “we want a platform much easier and less expensive than RSA Archer.”

Today, our customers range from single CIOs to Fortune 1000 companies with dozens of security professionals.

Apptega is at the intersection of creativity and our patent-pending technology. As a part of this vision, you’ll see we’ve incorporated “apps” as a central organizing theme in the platform. Each app represents an easy way to visually see and organize your program. Each app connects with established frameworks and automatically shares its data with other apps – providing unprecedented visibility, cohesiveness and control of your entire program. The meaning behind “tega” in Apptega is latin for “to protect and defend.” That’s core to our mission – using apps to make it simple and easy for businesses of all sizes to be protected and compliant. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to make cybersecurity easier for your organization, and welcome to Apptega!

-The Apptega Team